John T Tobin
John T Tobin
Teagasc Food Research Centre - Moorepark
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The “grass-fed” milk story: understanding the impact of pasture feeding on the composition and quality of bovine milk
M Alothman, SA Hogan, D Hennessy, P Dillon, KN Kilcawley, ...
Foods 8 (8), 350, 2019
Urease and nitrification inhibitors—As mitigation tools for greenhouse gas emissions in sustainable dairy systems: A review
MP Byrne, JT Tobin, PJ Forrestal, M Danaher, CG Nkwonta, K Richards, ...
Sustainability 12 (15), 6018, 2020
Review of near-infrared spectroscopy as a process analytical technology for real-time product monitoring in dairy processing
YY Pu, C O'Donnell, JT Tobin, N O'Shea
International Dairy Journal 103, 104623, 2020
Synergistic binding of konjac glucomannan to xanthan on mixing at room temperature
SM Fitzsimons, JT Tobin, ER Morris
Food Hydrocolloids 22 (1), 36-46, 2008
Applications of hydrodynamic cavitation for instant rehydration of high protein milk powders
S Pathania, QT Ho, SA Hogan, N McCarthy, JT Tobin
Journal of Food Engineering 225, 18-25, 2018
Evolution of the bovine milk fatty acid profile–From colostrum to milk five days post parturition
TF O'Callaghan, M O'Donovan, JP Murphy, K Sugrue, D Mannion, ...
International Dairy Journal 104, 104655, 2020
Thermodynamic incompatibility between denatured whey protein and konjac glucomannan
JT Tobin, SM Fitzsimons, V Chaurin, AL Kelly, MA Fenelon
Food hydrocolloids 27 (1), 201-207, 2012
The impact of seasonality in pasture-based production systems on milk composition and functionality
M Timlin, JT Tobin, A Brodkorb, EG Murphy, P Dillon, D Hennessy, ...
Foods 10 (3), 607, 2021
Dynamic adsorption and interfacial rheology of whey protein isolate at oil-water interfaces: Effects of protein concentration, pH and heat treatment
B Zhou, JT Tobin, S Drusch, SA Hogan
Food Hydrocolloids 116, 106640, 2021
Chlorate and other oxychlorine contaminants within the dairy supply chain
WP McCarthy, TF O'Callaghan, M Danahar, D Gleeson, C O'Connor, ...
Comprehensive Reviews in Food Science and Food Safety 17 (6), 1561-1575, 2018
Lactobacillus paracasei NFBC 338 producing recombinant beta-glucan positively influences the functional properties of yoghurt
N Kearney, HM Stack, JT Tobin, V Chaurin, MA Fenelon, GF Fitzgerald, ...
International Dairy Journal 21 (8), 561-567, 2011
Interfacial properties of milk proteins: A review
B Zhou, JT Tobin, S Drusch, SA Hogan
Advances in Colloid and Interface Science 295, 102347, 2021
The effect of compositional changes due to seasonal variation on milk density and the determination of season-based density conversion factors for use in the dairy industry
P Parmar, N Lopez-Villalobos, JT Tobin, E Murphy, A McDonagh, ...
Foods 9 (8), 1004, 2020
Microparticulation of mixtures of whey protein and inulin
JT Tobin, SM Fitzsimons, AL Kelly, PM Kelly, MAE Auty, MA Fenelon
International journal of dairy technology 63 (1), 32-40, 2010
Microfiltration of raw milk for production of high-purity milk fat globule membrane material
SF Hansen, SA Hogan, J Tobin, JT Rasmussen, LB Larsen, L Wiking
Journal of Food Engineering 276, 109887, 2020
A high-solids steam injection process for the manufacture of powdered infant milk formula
EG Murphy, JT Tobin, YH Roos, MA Fenelon
Dairy Science & Technology 93, 463-475, 2013
The effect of native and modified konjac on the physical attributes of pasteurized and UHT-treated skim milk
JT Tobin, SM Fitzsimons, AL Kelly, MA Fenelon
International Dairy Journal 21 (10), 790-797, 2011
Evaluation of production of Cheddar cheese from micellar casein concentrate
B Li, DS Waldron, JT Tobin, S Subhir, AL Kelly, PLH McSweeney
International Dairy Journal 107, 104711, 2020
Process analytical technology for cheese manufacture
B Panikuttira, N O'Shea, JT Tobin, BK Tiwari, CP O'Donnell
International Journal of Food Science & Technology 53 (8), 1803-1815, 2018
The effect of storage conditions on the composition and functional properties of blended bulk tank milk
A O'Connell, AL Kelly, J Tobin, PL Ruegg, D Gleeson
Journal of dairy science 100 (2), 991-1003, 2017
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