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Dirac cones induced by accidental degeneracy in photonic crystals and zero-refractive-index materials
X Huang, Y Lai, ZH Hang, H Zheng, CT Chan
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Illusion optics: the optical transformation of an object into another object
Y Lai, J Ng, HY Chen, DZ Han, JJ Xiao, ZQ Zhang, CT Chan
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Complementary Media Invisibility Cloak that Cloaks Objects<? format?> at a Distance Outside the Cloaking Shell
Y Lai, H Chen, ZQ Zhang, CT Chan
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Hybrid elastic solids
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Elastic metamaterials with simultaneously negative effective shear modulus and mass density
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Effective medium theory for elastic metamaterials in two dimensions
Y Wu, Y Lai, ZQ Zhang
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J Luo, P Xu, H Chen, B Hou, L Gao, Y Lai
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Polarization bandgaps and fluid-like elasticity in fully solid elastic metamaterials
G Ma, C Fu, G Wang, P Del Hougne, J Christensen, Y Lai, P Sheng
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Breaking the limitation of polarization multiplexing in optical metasurfaces with engineered noise
B Xiong, Y Liu, Y Xu, L Deng, CW Chen, JN Wang, R Peng, Y Lai, Y Liu, ...
Science 379 (6629), 294-299, 2023
Dirac cones at in phononic crystals
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Y Xu, C Gu, B Hou, Y Lai, J Li, H Chen
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Acoustic coherent perfect absorbers
JZ Song, P Bai, ZH Hang, Y Lai
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D Han, Y Lai, J Zi, ZQ Zhang, CT Chan
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Topological transitions in continuously deformed photonic crystals
X Zhu, HX Wang, C Xu, Y Lai, JH Jiang, S John
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Roadmap on transformation optics
M McCall, JB Pendry, V Galdi, Y Lai, SAR Horsley, J Li, J Zhu, ...
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Engineering acoustic band gaps
Y Lai, X Zhang, ZQ Zhang
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Ultratransparent media and transformation optics with shifted spatial dispersions
J Luo, Y Yang, Z Yao, W Lu, B Hou, ZH Hang, CT Chan, Y Lai
Physical Review Letters 117 (22), 223901, 2016
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