Rodrigo López Pouso
Rodrigo López Pouso
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Fixed point theorems in ordered abstract spaces
JJ Nieto, RL Pouso, R Rodríguez-López
Proceedings of the American Mathematical Society, 2505-2517, 2007
Existence results for the problem (φ (u))= f (t, u, u) with nonlinear boundary conditions
A Cabada, RL Pouso
Nonlinear Anal 35 (2), 221-231, 1999
Existence result for the problem with periodic and Neumann boundary conditions
A Cabada, RL Pouso
Nonlinear Anal 30, 1733-1742, 1997
Optimal existence conditions for φ-Laplacian equations with upper and lower solutions in the reversed order
A Cabada, P Habets, RL Pouso
Journal of Differential Equations 166 (2), 385-401, 2000
Extremal solutions of strongly nonlinear discontinuous second-order equations with nonlinear functional boundary conditions
A Cabada, RL Pouso
Nonlinear Analysis-Theory Methods and Applications 42 (8), 1377-1396, 2000
Existence theory for functional p-Laplacian equations with variable exponents
A Cabada, RL Pouso
Nonlinear Analysis: Theory, Methods & Applications 52 (2), 557-572, 2003
Theory and applications of first-order systems of Stieltjes differential equations
M Frigon, RL Pouso
Advances in Nonlinear Analysis 6 (1), 13-36, 2017
A new unification of continuous, discrete, and impulsive calculus through Stieltjes derivatives
RL Pouso, A Rodríguez
Real Analysis Exchange 40 (2), 319-354, 2015
Extremal solutions to fourth-order functional boundary value problems including multipoint conditions
A Cabada, RL Pouso, FM Minhós
Nonlinear Analysis: Real World Applications 10 (4), 2157-2170, 2009
On first order discontinuous scalar differential equations
A Cabada, RL Pouso
Nonlinear Studies 6 (2), 161-170, 1999
Examples of the nonexistence of a solution in the presence of upper and lower solutions
P Habets, RL Pouso
The ANZIAM Journal 44 (4), 591-594, 2003
Existence and approximation of solutions for first-order discontinuous difference equations with nonlinear global conditions in the presence of lower and upper solutions
A Cabada, V Otero-Espinar, RL Pouso
Computers & Mathematics with Applications 39 (1-2), 21-33, 2000
General existence principles for Stieltjes differential equations with applications to mathematical biology
RL Pouso, IM Albés
Journal of Differential Equations 264 (8), 5388-5407, 2018
Schauder’s fixed-point theorem: new applications and a new version for discontinuous operators
R López Pouso
Boundary Value Problems 2012 (1), 1-14, 2012
On first-order ordinary differential equations with nonnegative right-hand sides
JA Cid, RL Pouso
Nonlinear Analysis: Theory, Methods & Applications 52 (8), 1961-1977, 2003
Ordinary differential equations and systems with time-dependent discontinuity sets
JA Cid, RL Pouso
Proceedings of the Royal Society of Edinburgh Section A: Mathematics 134 (4 …, 2004
Upper and lower solutions for first-order discontinuous ordinary differential equations
RL Pouso
Journal of Mathematical Analysis and Applications 244 (2), 466-482, 2000
Second order problems with functional conditions including Sturm-Liouville and multipoint conditions
A Cabada, D O'Regan, RL Pouso
Mathematische Nachrichten 281 (9), 1254-1263, 2008
Nonresonance conditions and extremal solutions for first-order impulsive problems under weak assumptions
D Franco, RL Pouso
The ANZIAM Journal 44 (3), 393-407, 2003
Upper and lower solutions with “jumps”
E Liz, RL Pouso
Journal of mathematical analysis and applications 222 (2), 484-493, 1998
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