Alireza Aghaei
Alireza Aghaei
associate Professor of Chemistry, Materials and Energy Research Center
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Citat de
Initial sintering stage pore growth mechanism applied to the manufacture of ceramic membrane supports
AA C Falamaki, MS Afarani
Journal of the European Ceramic Society 24, 2285-2292, 2004
Combination of asymmetric supercapacitor utilizing activated carbon and nickel oxide with cobalt polypyridyl-based dye-sensitized solar cell
N Bagheri, A Aghaei, MY Ghotbi, E Marzbanrad, N Vlachopoulos, ...
Electrochimica Acta 143, 390-397, 2014
Dual behavior of CaCO3 as a porosifier and sintering aid in the manufacture of alumina membrane/catalyst supports
AA C Falamaki, M Naimi
Journal of the European Ceramic Society 24, 3195-3201, 2004
High-field electromechanical response of Bi0. 5Na0. 5TiO3–Bi0. 5K0. 5TiO3 across its morphotropic phase boundary
A Moosavi, MA Bahrevar, AR Aghaei, P Ramos, M Algueró, H Amorín
Journal of Physics D: Applied Physics 47 (5), 055304, 2014
A critical role of pH in the combustion synthesis of nano-sized SrAl2O4: Eu2+, Dy3+ phosphor
E Shafia, M Bodaghi, S Esposito, A Aghaei
Ceramics International 40 (3), 4697-4706, 2014
Effect of concentration and heating conditions on microwave-assisted hydrothermal synthesis of ZnO nanorods
N Shojaee, T Ebadzadeh, A Aghaei
Materials characterization 61 (12), 1418-1423, 2010
Physicochemical identity and charge storage properties of battery-type nickel oxide material and its composites with activated carbon
N Bagheri, A Aghaei, N Vlachopoulos, M Skunik-Nuckowska, PJ Kulesza, ...
Electrochimica Acta 194, 480-488, 2016
Sorting ZnO particles of different shapes with low frequency AC electric fields
R Riahifar, E Marzbanrad, B Raissi, C Zamani, M Kazemzad, A Aghaei
Materials Letters 65 (4), 632-635, 2011
Lithium ion-conducting glass-ceramics in the system Li2O–TiO2–P2O5–Cr2O3–SiO2
P Goharian, BE Yekta, AR Aghaei, S Banijamali
Journal of Non-Crystalline Solids 409, 120-125, 2015
Synthesis of Y (Al, Cr) O3 red pigments by co-precipitation method and their interactions with glazes
S Ahmadi, A Aghaei, BE Yekta
Ceramics International 35 (8), 3485-3488, 2009
A heterogenized vanadium oxo-aroylhydrazone catalyst for efficient and selective oxidation of hydrocarbons with hydrogen peroxide
H Hosseini Monfared, V Abbasi, A Rezaei, M Ghorbanloo, A Aghaei
Transition Metal Chemistry 37, 85-92, 2012
Dip-coating technique for the manufacture of alumina microfilters using PVA and Na-CMC as binders: a comparative study
AA C Falamaki, M Naimi
Journal of the European Ceramic Society 26, 949-956, 2006
Electrophoretic deposition as a fabrication method for Li-ion battery electrodes and separators–a review
A Hajizadeh, T Shahalizade, R Riahifar, MS Yaghmaee, B Raissi, ...
Journal of Power Sources 535, 231448, 2022
Dielectrophoretic assembly of ZnO nanorods for gas sensing
SR Mahmoodi, B Raissi, E Marzbanrad, N Shojayi, A Aghaei, C Zamani
Procedia chemistry 1 (1), 947-950, 2009
Sol–gel preparation and characterization of nano-crystalline lithium–mica glass–ceramic
MR Tohidifar, P Alizadeh, P Riello, B Eftekhari-Yekta, AR Aghaei
Ceramics International 38 (4), 2813-2821, 2012
RBAO membranes/catalyst supports with enhanced permeability
C Falamaki, A Aghaei, NR Ardestani
Journal of the European Ceramic Society 21 (12), 2267-2274, 2001
Synthesis and Characterization of SrAl2O4:Eu2+, Dy3+ Nanocrystalline Phosphorescent Pigments
E Shafia, A Aghaei, A Davarpanah, M Bodaghi, M Tahriri, SH Alavi
Transactions of the Indian Ceramic Society 70 (2), 71-77, 2011
Thermodynamics and molecular dynamics investigation of a possible new critical size for surface and inner cohesive energy of Al nanoparticles
A Chamaani, E Marzbanrad, MR Rahimipour, MS Yaghmaee, A Aghaei, ...
Journal of Nanoparticle Research 13, 6059-6067, 2011
Ionic conductivity and microstructural evaluation of Li2O–TiO2–P2O5–SiO2 glass-ceramics
P Goharian, AR Aghaei, BE Yekta, S Banijamali
Ceramics International 41 (1), 1757-1763, 2015
The effect of ionic and metallic silver on the crystalline phases developed in CaO–Al2O3–TiO2–P2O5 glasses
S Banijamali, BE Yekta, AR Aghaei
Journal of non-crystalline solids 358 (2), 303-309, 2012
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