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Catalin Teodosiu
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Numerical prediction of indoor air humidity and its effect on indoor environment
C Teodosiu, R Hohota, G Rusaouën, M Woloszyn
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Reduced linear state model of hollow blocks walls, validation using hot box measurements
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CFD modeling of buoyancy driven cavities with internal heat source—Application to heated rooms
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Appropriate CFD turbulence model for improving indoor air quality of ventilated spaces
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Numerical prediction of thermal comfort and condensation risk in a ventilated office, equipped with a cooling ceiling
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Modélisation des systèmes techniques dans le domaine des équipements des bâtiments à l'aide des codes de type CFD
CI Teodosiu
Lyon, INSA, 2001
Consideration of a new extended power law of air infiltration through the building’s envelope providing estimations of the leakage area
T Baracu, V Badescu, C Teodosiu, M Degeratu, M Patrascu, C Streche
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Experimental investigation of an enhanced transpired air solar collector with embodied phase changing materials
AS Bejan, C Croitoru, F Bode, C Teodosiu, T Catalina
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Permeability measurements of a passive house during two construction stages
V Iordache, C Teodosiu, R Teodosiu, T Catalina
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Experimental investigation of transpired solar collectors with/without phase change materials
AS Bejan, C Teodosiu, CV Croitoru, T Catalina, I Nastase
Solar Energy 214, 478-490, 2021
Modelling of volatile organic compounds concentrations in rooms due to electronic devices
C Teodosiu, V Ilie, R Teodosiu
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Influence of boundary conditions uncertainties on the simulation of ventilated enclosures
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Experimental and numerical prediction of indoor air quality
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A full-scale experimental study concerning the moisture condensation on building glazing surface
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Numerical evaluation of ventilation efficiency in underground metro rail transport systems
C Teodosiu, V Ilie, R Dumitru, R Teodosiu
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Numerical model of a solar ventilated facade element: experimental validation, final parameters and results
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Modeling air leakage in buildings caused by the cyclic variation of the atmospheric pressure
M Patrascu, T Baracu, V Badescu, MV Birsan, C Teodosiu, M Degeratu, ...
Building Services Engineering Research and Technology 39 (4), 430-462, 2018
Simulation of HVAC systems energy consumption
C Teodosiu, C Lungu, I Colda, A Damian
2006 First International Symposium on Environment Identities and …, 2006
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