Pablo Arechavala-Lopez
Pablo Arechavala-Lopez
Mediterranean Institute of Advanced Studies (IMEDEA/CSIC)
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Environmental enrichment in fish aquaculture: A review of fundamental and practical aspects
P Arechavala‐Lopez, MJ Cabrera‐Álvarez, CM Maia, JL Saraiva
Reviews in Aquaculture 14 (2), 704-728, 2022
Differentiating the wild or farmed origin of M editerranean fish: a review of tools for sea bream and sea bass
P Arechavala‐Lopez, D Fernandez‐Jover, KD Black, E Ladoukakis, ...
Reviews in aquaculture 5 (3), 137-157, 2013
Reared fish, farmed escapees and wild fish stocks–a triangle of pathogens transmission for Mediterranean aquaculture management
P Arechavala-Lopez, P Sanchez-Jerez, JT Bayle-Sempere, I Uglem, ...
Aquaculture Environment Interactions 3, 153-161, 2013
Direct interaction between wild fish aggregations at fish farms and fisheries activity at fishing grounds: a case study with Boops boops
P Arechavala‐Lopez, P Sanchez‐Jerez, J Bayle‐Sempere, ...
Aquaculture research 42 (7), 996-1010, 2011
Sea trout adapt their migratory behaviour in response to high salmon lice concentrations
E Halttunen, KØ Gjelland, S Hamel, RM Serra‐Llinares, R Nilsen, ...
Journal of Fish Diseases 41 (6), 953-967, 2018
Morphological differences between wild and farmed Mediterranean fish
P Arechavala-Lopez, P Sanchez-Jerez, JT Bayle-Sempere, ...
Hydrobiologia 679, 217-231, 2012
Coastal fish farms are settlement sites for juvenile fish
D Fernandez-Jover, P Sanchez-Jerez, JT Bayle-Sempere, ...
Marine Environmental Research 68 (2), 89-96, 2009
Low survival of hatchery-released Atlantic salmon smolts during initial river and fjord migration
EB Thorstad, I Uglem, P Arechavala-Lopez, F Økland, B Finstad
Boreal environment research 16 (2), 115, 2011
Post-escape dispersion of farmed seabream (Sparus aurata L.) and recaptures by local fisheries in the Western Mediterranean Sea
P Arechavala-Lopez, I Uglem, D Fernandez-Jover, JT Bayle-Sempere, ...
Fisheries Research 121, 126-135, 2012
Coastal fish farms as fish aggregation devices (FADs)
P Sanchez-Jerez, D Fernandez-Jover, I Uglem, P Arechavala-Lopez, ...
Artificial Reefs in Fishery Management. CRC Press. Taylor & Francis Group …, 2011
Experimental evidence of physiological and behavioral effects of microplastic ingestion in Sparus aurata
B Rios-Fuster, P Arechavala-Lopez, K García-Marcos, C Alomar, ...
Aquatic Toxicology 231, 105737, 2021
Implications of sea bream and sea bass escapes for sustainable aquaculture management: a review of interactions, risks and consequences
P Arechavala-Lopez, K Toledo-Guedes, D Izquierdo-Gomez, ...
Reviews in Fisheries Science & Aquaculture 26 (2), 214-234, 2018
Effects of salmon lice infection on the behaviour of sea trout in the marine phase
KØ Gjelland, RM Serra-Llinares, RD Hedger, P Arechavala-Lopez, ...
Aquaculture Environment Interactions 5 (3), 221-233, 2014
Monitoring the influence of marine aquaculture on wild fish communities: benefits and limitations of fatty acid profiles
D Fernandez-Jover, P Arechavala-Lopez, L Martinez-Rubio, DR Tocher, ...
Aquaculture Environment Interactions 2 (1), 39-47, 2011
Effects of structural environmental enrichment on welfare of juvenile seabream (Sparus aurata)
P Arechavala-Lopez, C Díaz-Gil, JL Saraiva, D Moranta, MF Castanheira, ...
Aquaculture Reports 15, 100224, 2019
Domestication and welfare in farmed fish
JL Saraiva, MF Castanheira, P Arechavala-López, J Volstorf, BH Studer
Animal domestication, 2018
A global assessment of welfare in farmed fishes: The FishEthoBase
JL Saraiva, P Arechavala-Lopez, MF Castanheira, J Volstorf, ...
Fishes 4 (2), 30, 2019
Movements of grey mullet Liza aurata and Chelon labrosus associated with coastal fish farms in the western Mediterranean Sea
P Arechavala-Lopez, I Uglem, P Sanchez-Jerez, D Fernandez-Jover, ...
Aquaculture Environment Interactions 1 (2), 127-136, 2010
Enriched environments enhance cognition, exploratory behaviour and brain physiological functions of Sparus aurata
P Arechavala-Lopez, JC Caballero-Froilán, M Jiménez-García, X Capó, ...
Scientific Reports 10 (1), 11252, 2020
Recapturing escaped fish from marine aquaculture is largely unsuccessful: alternatives to reduce the number of escapees in the wild
T Dempster, P Arechavala‐Lopez, LT Barrett, IA Fleming, ...
Reviews in Aquaculture 10 (1), 153-167, 2018
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