Christopher M. Jewell
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Reductive glutamine metabolism by IDH1 mediates lipogenesis under hypoxia
CM Metallo, PA Gameiro, EL Bell, KR Mattaini, J Yang, K Hiller, ...
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Multilayered polyelectrolyte assemblies as platforms for the delivery of DNA and other nucleic acid-based therapeutics
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Peptide–TLR-7/8a conjugate vaccines chemically programmed for nanoparticle self-assembly enhance CD8 T-cell immunity to tumor antigens
GM Lynn, C Sedlik, F Baharom, Y Zhu, RA Ramirez-Valdez, VL Coble, ...
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The ASTRO-H X-ray astronomy satellite
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The ASTRO-H (Hitomi) x-ray astronomy satellite
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Surface-mediated delivery of DNA: cationic polymers take charge
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Assembly of multilayered films using well-defined, end-labeled poly (acrylic acid): Influence of molecular weight on exponential growth in a synthetic weak polyelectrolyte system
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Designing inorganic nanomaterials for vaccines and immunotherapies
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Intrinsic immunogenicity of rapidly-degradable polymers evolves during degradation
JI Andorko, KL Hess, KG Pineault, CM Jewell
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Engineering immunological tolerance using quantum dots to tune the density of self‐antigen display
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Oligonucleotide Delivery by Cell‐Penetrating “Striped” Nanoparticles
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In Vivo Expansion of Melanoma-Specific T Cells Using Microneedle Arrays Coated with Immune-Polyelectrolyte Multilayers
Q Zeng, JM Gammon, LH Tostanoski, YC Chiu, CM Jewell
ACS biomaterials science & engineering 3 (2), 195-205, 2017
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