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The dynamic and stress-adaptive signaling hub of 14-3-3: emerging mechanisms of regulation and context-dependent protein–protein interactions
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Deciphering post-translational modification codes
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Combined top-down and bottom-up proteomics identifies a phosphorylation site in stem–loop-binding proteins that contributes to high-affinity RNA binding
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Structural analysis of PTM hotspots (SAPH-ire)–a quantitative informatics method enabling the discovery of novel regulatory elements in protein families
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Flow-thru chip cartridge, chip holder, system and method thereof
J Goodman, M Torres, H Yang, DG Mateer, ISR Smith
US Patent 7,326,561, 2008
Phosphatase-directed phosphorylation-site determination: a synthesis of methods for the detection and identification of phosphopeptides
MP Torres, R Thapar, WF Marzluff, CH Borchers
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Citrullination of fibronectin alters integrin clustering and focal adhesion stability promoting stromal cell invasion
VL Stefanelli, S Choudhury, P Hu, Y Liu, A Schwenzer, CR Yeh, ...
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Heme bioavailability and signaling in response to stress in yeast cells
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G protein mono-ubiquitination by the Rsp5 ubiquitin ligase
MP Torres, MJ Lee, F Ding, C Purbeck, B Kuhlman, NV Dokholyan, ...
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Proteome-wide structural analysis of PTM hotspots reveals regulatory elements predicted to impact biological function and disease
MP Torres, H Dewhurst, N Sundararaman
Molecular & Cellular Proteomics 15 (11), 3513-3528, 2016
Genetic heterogeneity within collective invasion packs drives leader and follower cell phenotypes
EL Zoeller, B Pedro, J Konen, B Dwivedi, M Rupji, N Sundararaman, ...
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Cell cycle-dependent phosphorylation and ubiquitination of a G protein α subunit
MP Torres, ST Clement, SD Cappell, HG Dohlman
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C Montllor-Albalate, H Kim, AE Thompson, AP Jonke, MP Torres, ...
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 119 (1), e2023328119, 2022
Three proteins of the U7-specific Sm ring function as the molecular ruler to determine the site of 3′-end processing in mammalian histone pre-mRNA
X Yang, MP Torres, WF Marzluff, Z Dominski
Molecular and cellular biology 29 (15), 4045-4056, 2009
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