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Sébastien Crouzet
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Fast saccades toward faces: face detection in just 100 ms
SM Crouzet, H Kirchner, SJ Thorpe
Journal of vision 10 (4), 16-16, 2010
Spontaneous neural oscillations bias perception by modulating baseline excitability
L Iemi, M Chaumon, SM Crouzet, NA Busch
Journal of Neuroscience 37 (4), 807-819, 2017
Low level cues and ultra-fast face detection
SM Crouzet, SJ Thorpe
Frontiers in Perception Science 2 (342), 2011
Taste quality decoding parallels taste sensations
SM Crouzet, NA Busch, K Ohla
Current Biology 25 (7), 890-896, 2015
What are the visual features underlying rapid object recognition?
SM Crouzet, T Serre
Frontiers in Perception Science 2, 2011
At 120 msec you can spot the animal but you don't yet know it's a dog
CT Wu, SM Crouzet, SJ Thorpe, M Fabre-Thorpe
Journal of Cognitive Neuroscience 27 (1), 141-149, 2015
Animal detection precedes access to scene category
SM Crouzet, OR Joubert, SJ Thorpe, M Fabre-Thorpe
PLoS One 7 (12), e51471, 2012
Fast ventral stream neural activity enables rapid visual categorization
M Cauchoix, SM Crouzet, D Fize, T Serre
NeuroImage 125, 280-290, 2016
How plausible is a subcortical account of rapid visual recognition?
M Cauchoix, SM Crouzet
Frontiers in Human Neuroscience 7, 39, 2013
Explaining the timing of natural scene understanding with a computational model of perceptual categorization
I Sofer, SM Crouzet, T Serre
PLoS Computational Biology 11 (9), e1004456, 2015
Rhythmic fluctuations of saccadic reaction time arising from visual competition
S Chota, C Luo, SM Crouzet, L Boyer, R Kienitz, MC Schmid, ...
Scientific reports 8 (1), 15889, 2018
Early visual processing allows for selective behavior, shifts of attention, and conscious visual experience in spite of masking
SM Crouzet, LY Kovalenko, SH Del Pin, M Overgaard, NA Busch
Consciousness and Cognition 54, 89-100, 2017
The fastest saccadic responses escape visual masking
SM Crouzet, M Overgaard, NA Busch
PloS one 9 (2), e87418, 2014
When does the visual system need to look back?
SM Crouzet, M Cauchoix
Journal of Neuroscience 31 (24), 8706-8707, 2011
Ultra-rapid face detection in natural images: Implications for computation in the visual system
S Thorpe, S Crouzet, H Kirchner, M Fabre-Thorpe
Proceedings of the First French Conference on Computational Neurosciences …, 2006
Event-based eye tracking. AIS 2024 challenge survey
Z Wang, C Gao, Z Wu, MV Conde, R Timofte, SC Liu, Q Chen, ZJ Zha, ...
Proceedings of the IEEE/CVF Conference on Computer Vision and Pattern …, 2024
Saccading towards faces in 100 ms. What's the secret?
S Crotizet, H Kirchner, SJ Thorpe
Perception 37, 119-120, 2008
Category-dependent variations in visual processing time
S Crouzet, SJ Thorpe, H Kirchner
Journal of Vision 7 (9), 922-922, 2007
The rhythm of attentional stimulus selection during visual competition
SM Crouzet, R VanRullen
bioRxiv, 105239, 2017
Cutting-edge methods for EEG research on cognition.
M Chaumon, SM Crouzet, NA Busch
Journal of neuroscience methods 250, 1-2, 2015
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