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Genome-wide prediction of traits with different genetic architecture through efficient variable selection
V Wimmer, C Lehermeier, T Albrecht, HJ Auinger, Y Wang, CC Schön
Genetics 195 (2), 573-587, 2013
Usefulness of Multiparental Populations of Maize (Zea mays L.) for Genome-Based Prediction
C Lehermeier, N Krämer, E Bauer, C Bauland, C Camisan, L Campo, ...
Genetics 198 (1), 3-16, 2014
Model training across multiple breeding cycles significantly improves genomic prediction accuracy in rye (Secale cereale L.)
HJ Auinger, M Schönleben, C Lehermeier, M Schmidt, V Korzun, ...
Theoretical and applied genetics 129, 2043-2053, 2016
Linkage Disequilibrium with Linkage Analysis of Multi-Line Crosses Reveals Different Multi-Allelic QTL for Hybrid Performance in the Flint and Dent Heterotic Groups of Maize
H Giraud, C Lehermeier, E Bauer, M Falque, V Segura, C Bauland, ...
Genetics 198 (4), 1717-1734, 2014
Optimized breeding strategies to harness genetic resources with different performance levels
A Allier, S Teyssèdre, C Lehermeier, L Moreau, A Charcosset
BMC genomics 21, 1-16, 2020
Genetic gain increases by applying the usefulness criterion with improved variance prediction in selection of crosses
C Lehermeier, S Teyssèdre, CC Schön
Genetics 207 (4), 1651-1661, 2017
Assessment of genetic heterogeneity in structured plant populations using multivariate whole-genome regression models
C Lehermeier, CC Schön, G de los Campos
Genetics 201 (1), 323-337, 2015
Improving short-and long-term genetic gain by accounting for within-family variance in optimal cross-selection
A Allier, C Lehermeier, A Charcosset, L Moreau, S Teyssèdre
Frontiers in genetics 10, 1006, 2019
Usefulness criterion and post-selection parental contributions in multi-parental crosses: application to polygenic trait introgression
A Allier, L Moreau, A Charcosset, S Teyssèdre, C Lehermeier
G3: Genes, Genomes, Genetics 9 (5), 1469-1479, 2019
Genomic variance estimates: With or without disequilibrium covariances?
C Lehermeier, G de Los Campos, V Wimmer, CC Schön
Journal of Animal Breeding and Genetics 134 (3), 232-241, 2017
Sensitivity to prior specification in Bayesian genome-based prediction models
C Lehermeier, V Wimmer, T Albrecht, HJ Auinger, D Gianola, VJ Schmid, ...
Statistical applications in genetics and molecular biology 12 (3), 375-391, 2013
Incorporating genetic heterogeneity in whole-genome regressions using interactions
G de Los Campos, Y Veturi, AI Vazquez, C Lehermeier, ...
Journal of agricultural, biological, and environmental statistics 20, 467-490, 2015
Genomic prediction with a maize collaborative panel: identification of genetic resources to enrich elite breeding programs
A Allier, S Teyssèdre, C Lehermeier, A Charcosset, L Moreau
Theoretical and Applied Genetics 133 (1), 201-215, 2020
Diversity analysis and genomic prediction of Sclerotinia resistance in sunflower using a new 25 K SNP genotyping array
M Livaja, S Unterseer, W Erath, C Lehermeier, R Wieseke, J Plieske, ...
Theoretical and Applied Genetics 129, 317-329, 2016
Assessment of breeding programs sustainability: application of phenotypic and genomic indicators to a North European grain maize program
A Allier, S Teyssèdre, C Lehermeier, B Claustres, S Maltese, S Melkior, ...
Theoretical and Applied Genetics 132, 1321-1334, 2019
Genomic prediction of hybrid crops allows disentangling dominance and epistasis
D González-Diéguez, A Legarra, A Charcosset, L Moreau, C Lehermeier, ...
Genetics 218 (1), iyab026, 2021
Physiological and behavioral responses of dairy cattle to the introduction of robot scrapers
RL Doerfler, C Lehermeier, H Kliem, E Möstl, H Bernhardt
Frontiers in veterinary science 3, 106, 2016
Calibration and validation of predicted genomic breeding values in an advanced cycle maize population
HJ Auinger, C Lehermeier, D Gianola, M Mayer, AE Melchinger, ...
Theoretical and Applied Genetics 134 (9), 3069-3081, 2021
Genomic prediction of hybrid performance: comparison of the efficiency of factorial and tester designs used as training sets in a multiparental connected reciprocal design for …
A Lorenzi, C Bauland, T Mary-Huard, S Pin, C Palaffre, C Guillaume, ...
Theoretical and Applied Genetics 135 (9), 3143-3160, 2022
Efficiency of Variable Selection in Genome-Wide Prediction for Traits of Different Genetic Architecture
CC Schoen, V Wimmer, C Lehermeier
Proceedings of the 10th World Congress on Genetics Applied to Livestock …, 2014
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