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Asmawi Sanuddin
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The effect of processing parameters on the mechanical properties of kenaf fibre plastic composite
M Bernard, A Khalina, A Ali, R Janius, M Faizal, KS Hasnah, AB Sanuddin
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The effect of aging on Arenga pinnata fiber-reinforced epoxy composite
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Study on machinability effect of surface roughness in milling kenaf fiber reinforced plastic composite (unidirectional) using response surface methodology
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Fabrication of Al/Al2O3 FGM rotating disc
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Simulation and experimental work on a thin-walled structure under crushing
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Process improvement on manufacturing floor through PDCA methodology
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The Correlation between Surface Finish in Milling Process Involving Solid Lubricant
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International Review of Mechanical Engineering (IREME) 6 (6), 1262-1267, 2012
Characterization of ASTM A516 Grade 70 Fusion Welded Joints
A Ali, A Sanuddin
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Experimental performance of R134a/SiO2 in refrigeration system for domestic use
MHC Hussin, MAS Mahadi, A Sanuddin, ANM Khalil, YA Rahim
Journal of Advanced Research in Fluid Mechanics and Thermal Sciences 95 (1 …, 2022
The effect of sintering temperature on mechanical properties of Al/SiC composites
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Design and Development of a Coconut De-Husking Machine (Machine Component Design)
H Azmi, AB Sanuddin, MZ Zakimi, MS Jamali, H Radhwan, ANM Khalil, ...
Journal of Advanced Research Design 4 (1), 9-19, 2015
Investigation of the tensile strength of new palm oil based wax/HDPE/Palm oil fiber blends by using full factorial design
ANM Khalil, M Hamzas, MS Hussin, ZZ Abidin, AB Sanuddin
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Investigation of optimal parameters for tensile strength property of ABS in rapid prototyping
MS Bahari, AB Sanuddin, IK Marlina
Int. Rev. Mech. Eng 7, 727-733, 2013
Durability simulation of elastomeric materials using finite element method (FEM)
CW Chieh, A Ali, A Sanuddin, R Afshar
Pertanika Journal of Sciences and Technology 18 (2), 441-450, 2010
Fundamental Study on Delamination in Milling Kenaf Fiber Reinforced Plastic Composite (Unidirectional)
A Harun, CH Che Haron, JA Ghani, S Mokhtar, A Sanuddin
International Manufacturing Science and Engineering Conference 49897 …, 2016
Processing and characterization of porous Mg alloy for biomedical applications
Z Nurul Husna, CC Lee, S Norbahiyah, AB Sanuddin
Aust. J. Basic Appl. Sci, 2014
Tensile Properties of 3D Printed Recycled PLA Filament: A Detailed Study on Filament Fabrication Parameters
S Hamat, MR Ishak, MS Salit, N Yidris, SAS Ali, MS Hussin, M Ibrahim, ...
Journal of Advanced Research in Applied Mechanics 110 (1), 63-72, 2023
Corrosion behavior of porous Mg alloy in simulated body fluid
HZ Nurul, CC Lee, S Norbahiyah, AB Sanuddin, MZ Zamzuri
Applied Mechanics and Materials 754, 1093-1097, 2015
Corrosion studies of gadolinium based anodic coating on AZ91D magnesium alloy for biomedical implant
MN Nurul Atirah, SNM Badari, MM Mukridz, AB Sanuddin, A Sa’adah, ...
Applied Mechanics and Materials 754, 1071-1075, 2015
Numerical and Analytical Methods in Engineering
A Lenka, BK Sahoo, C Das, M Hamzas, MS Hussin, ZA Zailani, ...
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