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Marilena Onete
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Impact assessment of heavy metal pollution on soil mite communities (Acari: Mesostigmata) from Zlatna Depression–Transylvania
M Manu, RI Băncilă, V Iordache, F Bodescu, M Onete
Process Safety and Environmental Protection 108, 121-134, 2017
The influence of environmental variables on soil mite communities (Acari: Mesostigmata) from overgrazed grassland ecosystems–Romania
M Manu, V Iordache, RI Băncilă, F Bodescu, M Onete
Italian Journal of Zoology 83 (1), 89-97, 2016
Effects of arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi on Agrostis capillaris grown on amended mine tailing substrate at pot, lysimeter, and field plot scales
A Neagoe, P Stancu, A Nicoară, M Onete, F Bodescu, R Gheorghe, ...
Environmental Science and Pollution Research 21, 6859-6876, 2014
Soil mite communities (Acari: Gamasina) from different ecosystem types from Romania
M Manu, RI Băncilă, M Onete
Belgian Journal of Zoology 143 (1), 30-41, 2013
Soil mite communities (Acari: Mesostigmata, Oribatida) as bioindicators for environmental conditions from polluted soils
M Manu, V Honciuc, A Neagoe, RI Băncilă, V Iordache, M Onete
Scientific reports 9 (1), 20250, 2019
Plants as indicators of environmental conditions of urban spaces from central parks of Bucharest.
M Onete, OG Pop, R Gruia
Environmental Engineering & Management Journal (EEMJ) 9 (12), 2010
The effect of heavy metals on mite communities (Acari: Gamasina) from urban parks-Bucharest, Romania.
M Manu, M Onete, RI Băncilă
Environmental Engineering & Management Journal (EEMJ) 17 (9), 2018
Soil mite communities (Acari: Mesostigmata) as indicators of urban ecosystems in Bucharest, Romania
M Manu, RI Băncilă, CC Bîrsan, O Mountford, M Onete
Scientific reports 11 (1), 3794, 2021
The Romanian Grassland Database (RGD): Historical background, current status and future perspectives
K Vassilev, E Ruprecht, V Alexiu, T Becker, M Beldean, AM Csergő, ...
Phytocoenologia 48 (1), 91-100, 2018
Developing a novel warning-informative system as a tool for environmental decision-making based on biomonitoring
S Ștefănuț, A Manole, MC Ion, M Constantin, C Banciu, M Onete, M Manu, ...
Ecological indicators 89, 480-487, 2018
Influence of heavy metal pollution on soil mite communities (Acari) in Romanian grasslands.
M Manu, M Onete, L Florescu, F Bodescu, V Iordache
North-Western Journal of Zoology 13 (2), 2017
Implications of spatial heterogeneity of tailing material and time scale of vegetation growth processes for the design of phytostabilisation
P Constantinescu, A Neagoe, A Nicoară, A Grawunder, S Ion, M Onete, ...
Science of the total environment 692, 1057-1069, 2019
Importance of moss habitats for mesostigmatid mites (Acari: Mesostigmata) in Romania
M Manu, RI Bancila, M Onete
Turkish Journal of Zoology 42 (6), 673-683, 2018
Country-scale complementary passive and active biomonitoring of airborne trace elements for environmental risk assessment
S Ștefănuț, K Öllerer, MC Ion, LI Florescu, M Constantin, C Banciu, ...
Ecological Indicators 126, 107357, 2021
Mapping analysis of saproxylic Natura 2000 beetles (Coleoptera) from the Prigoria-Bengești Protected Area (ROSCI0359) in Gorj County (Romania)
M Manu, N Lotrean, R Nicoară, F Bodescu, DL Badiu, M Onete
Travaux du Muséum National d’Histoire Naturelle “Grigore Antipa 60, 445-462, 2017
Contributions to the theoretical foundations of integrated modeling in biogeochemistry and their application in contaminated areas
V Iordache, R Lăcătușu, D Scrădeanu, M Onete, S Ion, I Cobzaru, ...
Bio-geo interactions in metal-contaminated soils, 385-416, 2012
Soil mite (Acari: Mesostigmata) communities and their relationships with some environmental variables in experimental grasslands from Bucegi Mountains in Romania
M Manu, RI Băncilă, OJ Mountford, T Marușca, VA Blaj, M Onete
Insects 13 (3), 285, 2022
The forest on the peninsula: Impacts, uses and perceptions of a colonial legacy in Cyprus
OL Pescott, SE Harris, JM Peyton, M Onete, AF Martinou, JO Mountford
Histories of Bioinvasions in the Mediterranean, 195-217, 2018
Structural characteristics 0f soil mite populations (Acari-Mesostigmata) from the Oak-Hornbeam forests from Southern Romania
M Manu, M Onete
Oltenia. Studii și comunicări. Științele Naturii 29, 298-304, 2013
Comparative analysis of the phoretic mites communities (Acari: Mesostigmata) associated with Ips typographus from natural and planted Norway spruce stands–Romania
M Manu, D Poliză, M Onete
Rom Biotechnol Lett 23, 13946-13953, 2017
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