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Olga Orasan
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Endothelial dysfunction, inflammation, and oxidative stress in COVID-19—mechanisms and therapeutic targets
A Fodor, B Tiperciuc, C Login, OH Orasan, AL Lazar, C Buchman, ...
Oxidative medicine and cellular longevity 2021, 2021
Semiology of food poisoning.
MV Milaciu, L Ciumărnean, OH Orășan, I Para, T Alexescu, V Negrean
Hyaluronic acid as a biomarker of fibrosis in chronic liver diseases of different etiologies
OH Orasan, G Ciulei, A Cozma, M Sava, DL Dumitrascu
Clujul Medical 89 (1), 24, 2016
Influence of pesticides on respiratory pathology-a literature review
S Tarmure, TG Alexescu, O Orasan, V Negrean, AV Sitar-Taut, SC Coste, ...
Annals of Agricultural and Environmental Medicine 27 (2), 2020
Subpleural lung tumors ultrasonography
N Rednic, O Orășan
Medical ultrasonography 12 (1), 81-87, 2010
Renal cell carcinoma with extensive tumor thrombus into the inferior vena cava and right atrium in a 70-year-old man
MA Oltean, R Matuz, A Sitar-Taut, A Mihailov, N Rednic, A Tantau, ...
American journal of men's health 13 (3), 1557988319846404, 2019
Non‐invasive assessment of liver fibrosis in chronic viral hepatitis
OH Orasan, M Iancu, M Sava, A Saplontai‐Pop, A Cozma, ST Sarlea, ...
European Journal of Clinical Investigation 45 (12), 1243-1251, 2015
Variation of clinical and laboratory features in chronic dialysis patients treated with high-flux hemodialysis after switching to online hemodiafiltration
RA Orasan, IM Patiu, D Anghel, C Bejan, L Iosub, C Totolici, M Pop, ...
International urology and nephrology 45, 1415-1422, 2013
New insights on the relationship between leptin, ghrelin, and leptin/ghrelin ratio enforced by body mass index in obesity and diabetes
AV Sitar-Tǎut, A Cozma, A Fodor, SC Coste, OH Orasan, V Negrean, ...
Biomedicines 9 (11), 1657, 2021
Nanoparticles in the treatment of chronic lung diseases
TG Alexescu, S Tarmure, V Negrean, M Cosnarovici, VM Ruta, I Popovici, ...
Journal of Mind and Medical Sciences 6 (2), 224-231, 2019
Determining factors of arterial stiffness in subjects with metabolic syndrome
A Cozma, A Sitar-Taut, O Orășan, D Leucuta, T Alexescu, A Stan, ...
Metabolic syndrome and related disorders 16 (9), 490-496, 2018
Insomnia, muscular cramps and pruritus have low intensity in hemodialysis patients with good dialysis efficiency, low inflammation and arteriovenous fistula
OH Orasan, AP Saplontai, A Cozma, S Racasan, IM Kacso, CC Rusu, ...
International Urology and Nephrology 49, 1673-1679, 2017
Smart homes for older people involved in rehabilitation activities-reality or dream, acceptance or rejection
AV Sitar-Taut, DA Sitar-Taut, O Cramariuc, V Negrean, D Sampelean, ...
Balneo Res J 9 (3), 291-8, 2018
Serum hyaluronic acid in chronic viral hepatitis B and C: a biomarker for assessing liver fibrosis in chronic hemodialysis patients
OH Orășan, M Sava, M Iancu, A Cozma, A Saplonțai-Pop, ...
International urology and nephrology 47, 1209-1217, 2015
Pharmacogenetic implications of eNOS polymorphisms (Glu298Asp, T786C, 4b/4a) in cardiovascular drug therapy
A Cozma, A Fodor, OH Orasan, R Vulturar, D Samplelean, V Negrean, ...
in vivo 33 (4), 1051-1058, 2019
Unhealthy lifestyle and the risk of metabolic syndrome-the Romanian experience
A Cozma, A Sitar-Taut, L Urian, A Fodor, R Suharoschi, C Muresan, ...
Journal of Mind and Medical Sciences 5 (2), 218-229, 2018
Vitamin D and the insulin‐like growth factor system: Implications for colorectal neoplasia
G Ciulei, OH Orasan, SC Coste, A Cozma, V Negrean, LM Procopciuc
European journal of clinical investigation 50 (9), e13265, 2020
Diabetes and obesity—Cumulative or complementary effects on adipokines, inflammation, and insulin resistance
AV Sitar-Taut, SC Coste, S Tarmure, OH Orasan, A Fodor, V Negrean, ...
journal of clinical medicine 9 (9), 2767, 2020
Hemodialysis patients with pruritus and insomnia have increased risk of death
OH Orasan, F Muresan, A Mot, A Sitar Taut, I Minciuna, SC Coste, ...
Blood Purification 49 (4), 419-425, 2020
MicroRNAs: the link between the metabolic syndrome and oncogenesis
A Fodor, AL Lazar, C Buchman, B Tiperciuc, OH Orasan, A Cozma
International Journal of Molecular Sciences 22 (12), 6337, 2021
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