Yi Chiu
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A capacitive vibration-to-electricity energy converter with integrated mechanical switches
Y Chiu, VFG Tseng
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Fabrication and nonlinear optical properties of nanoparticle silver oxide films
Y Chiu, U Rambabu, MH Hsu, HPD Shieh, CY Chen, HH Lin
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Flat and robust out-of-plane vibrational electret energy harvester
Y Chiu, YC Lee
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Q Chen, Y Chiu, DN Lambeth, TE Schlesinger, DD Stancil
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Theoretical and Experimental Investigations of Thermoresistive Micro Calorimetric Flow Sensors Fabricated by CMOS MEMS Technology
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Design, fabrication, and control of components in MEMS-based optical pickups
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MEMS design and fabrication of an electrostatic vibration-to-electricity energy converter
Y Chiu, CT Kuo, YS Chu
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Low-cost temperature-compensated thermoresistive micro calorimetric flow sensor by using 0.35 μm CMOS MEMS technology
W Xu, B Gao, S Ma, A Zhang, Y Chiu, YK Lee
2016 IEEE 29th International Conference on Micro Electro Mechanical Systems …, 2016
Microlens array fabricated by excimer laser micromachining with gray-tone photolithography
CH Tien, YE Chien, Y Chiu, HPD Shieh
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Reconfigurable liquid-core/liquid-cladding optical waveguides with dielectrophoresis-driven virtual microchannels on an electromicrofluidic platform
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Development and characterization of a CMOS-MEMS accelerometer with differential LC-tank oscillators
Y Chiu, HC Hong, PC Wu
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A CMOS-MEMS Thermoresistive Micro Calorimetric Flow Sensor With Temperature Compensation
W Xu, S Ma, X Wang, Y Chiu, YK Lee
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Design of a 0.20–0.25-V, sub-nW, rail-to-rail, 10-bit SAR ADC for self-sustainable IoT applications
HC Hong, LY Lin, Y Chiu
IEEE Transactions on Circuits and Systems I: Regular Papers 66 (5), 1840-1852, 2018
Micro knife-edge optical measurement device in a silicon-on-insulator substrate
Y Chiu, JH Pan
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Wideband vibrational electromagnetic energy harvesters with nonlinear polyimide springs based on rigid-flex printed circuit boards technology
Y Chiu, HC Hong, WH Hsu
Smart Materials and Structures 25 (12), 125014, 2016
Design and fabrication of a micro electrostatic vibration-to-electricity energy converter
Y Chiu, C Kuo, Y Chu
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