Jean-Marie Normand
Jean-Marie Normand
Associate Professor, Ecole Centrale de Nantes
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Extending body space in immersive virtual reality: a very long arm illusion
K Kilteni, JM Normand, MV Sanchez-Vives, M Slater
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Camera control in computer graphics
M Christie, P Olivier, JM Normand
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JM Normand, E Giannopoulos, B Spanlang, M Slater
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A semantic space partitioning approach to virtual camera composition
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A new typology of augmented reality applications
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A study on the use of an immersive virtual reality store to investigate consumer perceptions and purchase behavior toward non-standard fruits and vegetables
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Acting rehearsal in collaborative multimodal mixed reality environments
W Steptoe, JM Normand, O Oyekoya, F Pece, E Giannopoulos, F Tecchia, ...
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A first person avatar system with haptic feedback
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Consumer perceptions and purchase behavior toward imperfect fruits and vegetables in an immersive virtual reality grocery store
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Beaming into the rat world: enabling real-time interaction between rat and human each at their own scale
JM Normand, MV Sanchez-Vives, C Waechter, E Giannopoulos, ...
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Occlusion-free camera control for multiple targets
M Christie, JM Normand, P Olivier
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Influence of being embodied in an obese virtual body on shopping behavior and products perception in vr
A Verhulst, JM Normand, C Lombart, M Sugimoto, G Moreau
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Local geometric consensus: A general purpose point pattern-based tracking algorithm
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A branch and bound algorithm for numerical Max-CSP
JM Normand, A Goldsztejn, M Christie, F Benhamou
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Virtual objects look farther on the sides: The anisotropy of distance perception in virtual reality
E Peillard, T Thebaud, JM Normand, F Argelaguet, G Moreau, A Lécuyer
2019 IEEE Conference on Virtual Reality and 3D User Interfaces (VR), 227-236, 2019
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