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Brian Pasley
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Reconstructing speech from human auditory cortex
BN Pasley, SV David, N Mesgarani, A Flinker, SA Shamma, NE Crone, ...
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Subcortical discrimination of unperceived objects during binocular rivalry
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Transcranial magnetic stimulation elicits coupled neural and hemodynamic consequences
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Analysis of oxygen metabolism implies a neural origin for the negative BOLD response in human visual cortex
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Decoding spectrotemporal features of overt and covert speech from the human cortex
S Martin, P Brunner, C Holdgraf, HJ Heinze, NE Crone, J Rieger, ...
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State-dependent variability of neuronal responses to transcranial magnetic stimulation of the visual cortex
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Word pair classification during imagined speech using direct brain recordings
S Martin, P Brunner, I Iturrate, JR Millán, G Schalk, RT Knight, BN Pasley
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Rapid tuning shifts in human auditory cortex enhance speech intelligibility
CR Holdgraf, W De Heer, B Pasley, J Rieger, N Crone, JJ Lin, RT Knight, ...
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Decoding inner speech using electrocorticography: Progress and challenges toward a speech prosthesis
S Martin, I Iturrate, JR Millán, RT Knight, BN Pasley
Frontiers in neuroscience 12, 422, 2018
Neurovascular coupling
BN Pasley, RD Freeman
Scholarpedia 3 (3), 5340, 2008
Imagined speech can be decoded from low-and cross-frequency intracranial EEG features
T Proix, J Delgado Saa, A Christen, S Martin, BN Pasley, RT Knight, ...
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Neural encoding of auditory features during music perception and imagery
S Martin, C Mikutta, MK Leonard, D Hungate, S Koelsch, S Shamma, ...
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The use of intracranial recordings to decode human language: Challenges and opportunities
S Martin, JR Millán, RT Knight, BN Pasley
Brain and language 193, 73-83, 2019
Decoding speech for understanding and treating aphasia
BN Pasley, RT Knight
Progress in brain research 207, 435-456, 2013
Methods of decoding speech from brain activity data and devices for practicing the same
B Pasley, RT Knight
US Patent 10,264,990, 2019
Transcranial magnetic stimulation changes response selectivity of neurons in the visual cortex
T Kim, EA Allen, BN Pasley, RD Freeman
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fMRI study of facial expression perception in autism: the amygdala, fusiform face area and their functional connectivity
RT Schultz, E Hunyadi, C Conner, B Pasley
annual meeting of the Organization for Human Brain Mapping, Toronto, Ontario …, 2005
Understanding and decoding thoughts in the human brain
S Martin, C Mikutta, RT Knight, BN Pasley
NeuroScience Published. https://doi. org/10.3389/frym, 2016
Using Coherence-based spectro-spatial filters for stimulus features prediction from electro-corticographic recordings
J Delgado Saa, A Christen, S Martin, BN Pasley, RT Knight, AL Giraud
Scientific reports 10 (1), 7637, 2020
Individual word classification during imagined speech using intracranial recordings
S Martin, I Iturrate, P Brunner, J del R. Millán, G Schalk, RT Knight, ...
Brain-Computer Interface Research: A State-of-the-Art Summary 7, 83-91, 2019
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