Hirley Alves
Hirley Alves
Centre for Wireless Communications, University of Oulu
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Citat de
Citat de
Performance of transmit antenna selection physical layer security schemes
H Alves, RD Souza, M Debbah, M Bennis
IEEE Signal Processing Letters 19 (6), 372-375, 2012
Six key features of machine type communication in 6G
NH Mahmood, H Alves, OA López, M Shehab, DPM Osorio, M Latva-Aho
2020 2nd 6G Wireless Summit (6G SUMMIT), 1-5, 2020
White paper on critical and massive machine type communication towards 6G
NH Mahmood, S Böcker, A Munari, F Clazzer, I Moerman, K Mikhaylov, ...
arXiv preprint arXiv:2004.14146, 2020
Analysis and performance optimization of LoRa networks with time and antenna diversity
A Hoeller, RD Souza, OLA López, H Alves, M de Noronha Neto, G Brante
IEEE Access 6, 32820-32829, 2018
Massive wireless energy transfer: Enabling sustainable IoT toward 6G era
OLA López, H Alves, RD Souza, S Montejo-Sánchez, EMG Fernández, ...
IEEE Internet of Things Journal 8 (11), 8816-8835, 2021
Exploiting the direct link in full-duplex amplify-and-forward relaying networks
DPM Osorio, EEB Olivo, H Alves, JCS Santos Filho, M Latva-aho
IEEE Signal Processing Letters 22 (10), 1766-1770, 2015
Long-range low-power wireless networks and sampling strategies in electricity metering
M de Castro Tomé, PHJ Nardelli, H Alves
IEEE Transactions on Industrial Electronics 66 (2), 1629-1637, 2018
Ultrareliable short-packet communications with wireless energy transfer
OLA López, H Alves, RD Souza, EMG Fernández
IEEE Signal Processing Letters 24 (4), 387-391, 2017
Performance of block-Markov full duplex relaying with self interference in Nakagami-m fading
H Alves, DB da Costa, RD Souza, M Latva-aho
IEEE Wireless Communications Letters 2 (3), 311-314, 2013
Ultra-reliable cooperative short-packet communications with wireless energy transfer
OLA López, EMG Fernández, RD Souza, H Alves
IEEE Sensors Journal 18 (5), 2161-2177, 2018
Aggregation and resource scheduling in machine-type communication networks: A stochastic geometry approach
OLA López, H Alves, PHJ Nardelli, M Latva-aho
IEEE Transactions on Wireless Communications 17 (7), 4750-4765, 2018
Full-Duplex Communications for Future Wireless Networks
H Alves, T Riihonen, HA Suraweera
Springer, 2020
On the average spectral efficiency of interference-limited full-duplex networks
H Alves, CHM De Lima, PHJ Nardelli, RD Souza, M Latva-Aho
2014 9th International Conference on Cognitive Radio Oriented Wireless …, 2014
Performance analysis of full-duplex relay-aided NOMA systems using partial relay selection
A Tregancini, EEB Olivo, DPM Osorio, CHM De Lima, H Alves
IEEE Transactions on Vehicular Technology 69 (1), 622-635, 2019
Key drivers and research challenges for 6G ubiquitous wireless intelligence (white paper)
B Aazhang, P Ahokangas, H Alves, MS Alouini, J Beek, H Benn, M Bennis, ...
Oulu, Finland: 6G Flagship, University of Oulu 1, 2019
Wireless powered communications with finite battery and finite blocklength
OLA López, EMG Fernández, RD Souza, H Alves
IEEE Transactions on Communications 66 (4), 1803-1816, 2017
Enhanced Physical Layer Security Through Transmit Antenna Selection
H Alves, RD Souza, M Debbah
Physical-Layer Security Workshop - Globecom'2011, 2011
A NOMA-Based Q-Learning Random Access Method for Machine Type Communications
MV da Silva, RD Souza, H Alves, T Abrão
IEEE Wireless Communications Letters 9 (10), 1720-1724, 2020
An adaptive transmission scheme for cognitive decode-and-forward relaying networks: Half duplex, full duplex, or no cooperation
EEB Olivo, DPM Osorio, H Alves, JCS Santos Filho, M Latva-aho
IEEE Transactions on Wireless Communications 15 (8), 5586-5602, 2016
Performance Analysis of Full Duplex and Selective and Incremental Half Duplex Relaying Schemes
H Alves, G Fraidenraich, RD Souza, M Bennis, M Latva-aho
EEE Wireless Communications and Networking Conference (WCNC 2012), 5, 2012
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