Manuel Domínguez-Morales
Manuel Domínguez-Morales
Alte numeManuel Jesús Domínguez-Morales
Associate Professor. Robotics and Technology of Computers Lab. (Universidad de Sevilla)
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Citat de
Augmented and virtual reality evolution and future tendency
L Muñoz-Saavedra, L Miró-Amarante, M Domínguez-Morales
Applied sciences 10 (1), 322, 2020
Deep Learning System for COVID-19 Diagnosis Aid Using X-ray Pulmonary Images
J Civit-Masot, F Luna-Perejón, M Domínguez-Morales, A Civit
Applied Sciences 10 (13), 4640, 2020
Deep neural networks for the recognition and classification of heart murmurs using neuromorphic auditory sensors
JP Dominguez-Morales, AF Jimenez-Fernandez, MJ Dominguez-Morales, ...
IEEE transactions on biomedical circuits and systems 12 (1), 24-34, 2018
Wearable fall detector using recurrent neural networks
F Luna-Perejón, MJ Domínguez-Morales, A Civit-Balcells
Sensors 19 (22), 4885, 2019
A binaural neuromorphic auditory sensor for FPGA: a spike signal processing approach
A Jiménez-Fernández, E Cerezuela-Escudero, L Miró-Amarante, ...
IEEE transactions on neural networks and learning systems 28 (4), 804-818, 2016
A neuro-inspired spike-based PID motor controller for multi-motor robots with low cost FPGAs
A Jimenez-Fernandez, G Jimenez-Moreno, A Linares-Barranco, ...
Sensors 12 (4), 3831-3856, 2012
Dual Machine-Learning system to aid Glaucoma Diagnosis using disc and cup feature extraction
J Civit-Masot, M Domínguez-Morales, S Vicente, A Civit
IEEE Access 8, 127519-127529, 2020
Wireless sensor network for wildlife tracking and behavior classification of animals in Doñana
JP Dominguez-Morales, A Rios-Navarro, M Dominguez-Morales, ...
IEEE Communications Letters 20 (12), 2534-2537, 2016
Embedded neural network for real-time animal behavior classification
D Gutierrez-Galan, JP Dominguez-Morales, E Cerezuela-Escudero, ...
Neurocomputing 272, 17-26, 2018
Analysis of source code metrics from ns-2 and ns-3 network simulators
JL Font, P Iñigo, M Domínguez, JL Sevillano, C Amaya
Simulation Modelling Practice and Theory 19 (5), 1330-1346, 2011
Smart footwear insole for recognition of foot pronation and supination using neural networks
MJ Domínguez-Morales, F Luna-Perejón, L Miró-Amarante, ...
Applied Sciences 9 (19), 3970, 2019
Architecture, design and source code comparison of ns-2 and ns-3 network simulators
JL Font, P Iñigo, M Domínguez, JL Sevillano, C Amaya
Proceedings of the 2010 Spring Simulation Multiconference, 1-8, 2010
Bio-Inspired Stereo Vision Calibration for Dynamic Vision Sensors
MJ Domínguez-Morales, Á Jiménez-Fernández, G Jiménez-Moreno, ...
IEEE Access 7, 138415-138425, 2019
Worker’s physical fatigue classification using neural networks
E Escobar-Linero, M Domínguez-Morales, JL Sevillano
Expert Systems with Applications 198, 116784, 2022
A study on the use of Edge TPUs for eye fundus image segmentation
J Civit-Masot, F Luna-Perejón, JM Rodríguez-Corral, ...
Engineering Applications of Artificial Intelligence 104 (104384), 2021
Non-small cell lung cancer diagnosis aid with histopathological images using Explainable Deep Learning techniques
J Civit-Masot, A Bañuls-Beaterio, M Domínguez-Morales, M Rivas-Pérez, ...
Computer Methods and Programs in Biomedicine 226 (107108), 2022
Multilayer spiking neural network for audio samples classification using SpiNNaker
JP Dominguez-Morales, A Jimenez-Fernandez, A Rios-Navarro, ...
Artificial Neural Networks and Machine Learning–ICANN 2016: 25th …, 2016
A Deep-Learning Based Posture Detection System for Preventing Telework-Related Musculoskeletal Disorders
E Piñero-Fuentes, S Canas-Moreno, A Rios-Navarro, ...
Sensors 21 (15), 5236, 2021
AnkFall—Falls, Falling Risks and Daily-Life Activities Dataset with an Ankle-Placed Accelerometer and Training Using Recurrent Neural Networks
F Luna-Perejón, L Muñoz-Saavedra, J Civit-Masot, A Civit, ...
Sensors 21 (5), 1889, 2021
Low-Power Embedded System for Gait Classification Using Neural Networks
F Luna-Perejón, M Domínguez-Morales, D Gutiérrez-Galán, ...
Journal of Low Power Electronics and Applications 10 (14), 16, 2020
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