Furio Cora
Furio Cora
Professor of Computational Chemistry, UCL
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Citat de
Modular and predictable assembly of porous organic molecular crystals
JTA Jones, T Hasell, X Wu, J Bacsa, KE Jelfs, M Schmidtmann, SY Chong, ...
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H2 and O2 Evolution from Water Half-Splitting Reactions by Graphitic Carbon Nitride Materials
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Comparison of the bulk and surface properties of ceria and zirconia by ab initio investigations
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Flexibility in a metal–organic framework material controlled by weak dispersion forces: the bistability of MIL‐53 (Al)
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F Corà*
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Multi‐Scale Investigations of δ‐Ni0.25V2O5·nH2O Cathode Materials in Aqueous Zinc‐Ion Batteries
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Anab initio Hartree–Fock study of α-MoO 3
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Hartree-Fock perturbed-cluster treatment of local defects in crystals: I. The EMBED program: general features
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First-principles investigation of sand related oxides
MG Stachiotti, F Corà, CRA Catlow, CO Rodriguez
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Pilot-scale continuous synthesis of a vanadium-doped LiFePO4/C nanocomposite high-rate cathodes for lithium-ion batteries
ID Johnson, M Lübke, OY Wu, NM Makwana, GJ Smales, HU Islam, ...
Journal of Power Sources 302, 410-418, 2016
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