Mohammadreza Malek-Mohammadi
Mohammadreza Malek-Mohammadi
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Citat de
Statistical performance analysis of MDL source enumeration in array processing
F Haddadi, M Malek-Mohammadi, MM Nayebi, MR Aref
IEEE Transactions on Signal Processing 58 (1), 452-457, 2009
Recovery of low-rank matrices under affine constraints via a smoothed rank function
M Malek-Mohammadi, M Babaie-Zadeh, A Amini, C Jutten
IEEE Transactions on Signal Processing 62 (4), 981-992, 2013
Performance guarantees for Schatten-p quasi-norm minimization in recovery of low-rank matrices
M Malek-Mohammadi, M Babaie-Zadeh, M Skoglund
Signal Processing 114, 225-230, 2015
Successive concave sparsity approximation for compressed sensing
M Malek-Mohammadi, A Koochakzadeh, M Babaie-Zadeh, M Jansson, ...
IEEE Transactions on Signal Processing 64 (21), 5657-5671, 2016
SRF: Matrix completion based on smoothed rank function
H Ghasemi, M Malek-Mohammadi, M Babaie-Zadeh, C Jutten
2011 IEEE International Conference on Acoustics, Speech and Signal …, 2011
A class of nonconvex penalties preserving overall convexity in optimization-based mean filtering
M Malek-Mohammadi, CR Rojas, B Wahlberg
IEEE Transactions on Signal Processing 64 (24), 6650-6664, 2016
Iterative concave rank approximation for recovering low-rank matrices
M Malek-Mohammadi, M Babaie-Zadeh, M Skoglund
IEEE Transactions on Signal Processing 62 (20), 5213-5226, 2014
DOA estimation in partially correlated noise using low-rank/sparse matrix decomposition
M Malek-Mohammadi, M Jansson, A Owrang, A Koochakzadeh, ...
2014 IEEE 8th Sensor Array and Multichannel Signal Processing Workshop (SAM …, 2014
Multi-antenna assisted spectrum sensing in spatially correlated noise environments
A Koochakzadeh, M Malek-Mohammadi, M Babaie-Zadeh, M Skoglund
Signal Processing 108, 69-76, 2015
Consistent change point detection for piecewise constant signals with normalized fused lasso
A Owrang, M Malek-Mohammadi, A Proutiere, M Jansson
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Noncoherent integration of UWB RADAR signals using the Hough transform
MM Mohammadi, A Moqiseh, H Gheidi, MM Nayebi
2008 European Radar Conference, 9-12, 2008
Direction of arrival estimation with missing data via matrix completion
A Setayesh, E Yazdian, M Malek-Mohammadi
Signal, Image and Video Processing 13 (7), 1451-1459, 2019
Technique for precoding a radio transmission
MM MOHAMMADI, K Werner, N Jaldén
US Patent 12,015,458, 2024
Performance Guarantees for Schatten- Quasi-Norm Minimization in Recovery of Low-Rank Matrices
M Malek-Mohammadi, M Babaie-Zadeh, M Skoglund
arXiv preprint arXiv:1407.3716, 2014
Coverage enhanced reciprocity-based precoding scheme
M Malek-Mohammadi, K Werner
US Patent 12,003,353, 2024
Channel-matrix dependent step size for iterative precoding matrix calculation
M Malek-Mohammadi, N Jaldén
US Patent 11,962,372, 2024
Model-Based Reinforcement Learning for Cavity Filter Tuning
DD Nimara, M Malek-Mohammadi, P Ogren, J Wei, V Huang
Learning for Dynamics and Control Conference, 1297-1307, 2023
Channel-matrix reduction for precoding control
M Malek-Mohammadi, N Jaldén, K Werner
US Patent 11,616,542, 2023
Network Entities, Methods, Apparatuses and Communications Networks for Authenticating an Event
M Malek-Mohammadi, A Azari, C Cavdar
US Patent App. 17/605,480, 2022
Configuring a plurality of user equipments
K Werner, N Jaldén, MM MOHAMMADI
US Patent App. 17/441,137, 2022
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