Liang Gao
Liang Gao
Associate Professor, Bioengineering, UCLA
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Citat de
Citat de
Single-shot compressed ultrafast photography at one hundred billion frames per second
L Gao, J Liang, C Li, LV Wang
Nature 516 (7529), 74-77, 2014
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Toward the next-generation VR/AR optics: a review of holographic near-eye displays from a human-centric perspective
C Chang, K Bang, G Wetzstein, B Lee, L Gao
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N Hagen, RT Kester, L Gao, TS Tkaczyk
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TS Tkaczyk, RT Kester, L Gao
US Patent 20,110,285,995, 2011
Single-cell photoacoustic thermometry
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Encrypted three-dimensional dynamic imaging using snapshot time-of-flight compressed ultrafast photography
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Quantitative sectioning and noise analysis for structured illumination microscopy
N Hagen, L Gao, TS Tkaczyk
Optics Express 20 (1), 403-413, 2012
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