Jing Yang
Jing Yang
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To learn image super-resolution, use a GAN to learn how to do image degradation first
Bulat Adrian*,Jing Yang*, Georgios Tzimiropoulos
ECCV, 2018
Stacked hourglass network for robust facial landmark localisation
J Yang, Q Liu, K Zhang
CVPRW(1st place in Menpo Challenge), 2025-2033, 2017
Training binary neural networks with real-to-binary convolutions
B Martinez, J Yang*, A Bulat*, G Tzimiropoulos
ICLR, 2020
Knowledge distillation via softmax regression representation learning
J Yang, B Martinez, A Bulat, G Tzimiropoulos
ICLR, 2021
Variational Prototype Learning for Deep Face Recognition
J Deng, J Guo, J Yang, A Lattas, S Zafeiriou
CVPR, 2021
Killing Two Birds with One Stone: Efficient and Robust Training of Face Recognition CNNs by Partial FC
X An, J Deng, J Guo, Z Feng, X Zhu, J Yang, T Liu
CVPR, 2022
M3 CSR: Multi-view, multi-scale and multi-component cascade shape regression
J Deng, Q Liu, J Yang, D Tao
IVC (1st place in 300W challenge) 47, 19-26, 2016
Facial shape tracking via spatio-temporal cascade shape regression
J Yang, J Deng, K Zhang, Q Liu
ICCVW(1st place in 300VW challenge), 41-49, 2015
Robust object tracking by online Fisher discrimination boosting feature selection
J Yang, K Zhang, Q Liu
CVIU 153, 100-108, 2016
Robust facial landmark tracking via cascade regression
Q Liu, J Yang, J Deng, K Zhang
Pattern Recognition 66, 53-62, 2017
Adaptive cascade regression model for robust face alignment
Q Liu, J Deng, J Yang, G Liu, D Tao
IEEE Transactions on Image Processing 26 (2), 797-807, 2016
FAN-Face: a Simple Orthogonal Improvement to Deep Face Recognition
J Yang, A Bulat, G Tzimiropoulos
AAAI, 2020
Adaptive compressive tracking via online vector boosting feature selection
Q Liu, J Yang, K Zhang, Y Wu
IEEE transactions on cybernetics 47 (12), 4289-4301, 2016
Pre-training strategies and datasets for facial representation learning
A Bulat, S Cheng, J Yang, A Garbett, E Sanchez, G Tzimiropoulos
ECCV, 2022
ALIP: Adaptive Language-Image Pre-training with Synthetic Caption
K Yang, J Deng, X An, J Li, Z Feng, J Guo, J Yang, T Liu
ICCV, 2023
Unicom: Universal and Compact Representation Learning for Image Retrieval
X An, J Deng, K Yang, J Li, Z Feng, J Guo, J Yang, T Liu
ICLR, 2023
Cascaded regional spatio-temporal feature-routing networks for video object detection
H Shuai, Q Liu, K Zhang, J Yang, J Deng
IEEE Access 6, 3096-3106, 2017
Face image retrieval based on shape and texture feature fusion
Z Lu, J Yang, Q Liu
Computational Visual Media 3, 359-368, 2017
FaceHunter: A multi-task convolutional neural network based face detector
D Wang, J Yang, J Deng, Q Liu
Signal Processing: Image Communication 47, 476-481, 2016
FAN-Trans: Online Knowledge Distillation for Facial Action Unit Detection
J Yang, J Shen, Y Lin, Y Hristov, M Pantic
WACV, 2022
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