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A survey of localization systems in internet of things
F Khelifi, A Bradai, A Benslimane, P Rawat, M Atri
Mobile Networks and Applications 24, 761-785, 2019
Scheduling wireless virtual networks functions
R Riggio, A Bradai, D Harutyunyan, T Rasheed, T Ahmed
IEEE Transactions on network and service management 13 (2), 240-252, 2016
Cellular software defined networking: a framework
A Bradai, K Singh, T Ahmed, T Rasheed
IEEE communications magazine 53 (6), 36-43, 2015
Virtual network functions orchestration in wireless networks
R Riggio, A Bradai, T Rasheed, J Schulz-Zander, S Kuklinski, T Ahmed
2015 11th International conference on network and service management (CNSM …, 2015
MobQoS: Mobility-aware and QoS-driven SDN framework for autonomous vehicles
S Garg, K Kaur, SH Ahmed, A Bradai, G Kaddoum, M Atiquzzaman
IEEE Wireless Communications 26 (4), 12-20, 2019
A new fuzzy logic based node localization mechanism for wireless sensor networks
S Amri, F Khelifi, A Bradai, A Rachedi, ML Kaddachi, M Atri
Future Generation Computer Systems 93, 799-813, 2019
Localization and energy-efficient data routing for unmanned aerial vehicles: Fuzzy-logic-based approach
F Khelifi, A Bradai, K Singh, M Atri
IEEE Communications Magazine 56 (4), 129-133, 2018
Deep federated Q-learning-based network slicing for industrial IoT
S Messaoud, A Bradai, OB Ahmed, PTA Quang, M Atri, MS Hossain
IEEE Transactions on Industrial Informatics 17 (8), 5572-5582, 2020
Single and multi-domain adaptive allocation algorithms for VNF forwarding graph embedding
PTA Quang, A Bradai, KD Singh, G Picard, R Riggio
IEEE Transactions on Network and Service Management 16 (1), 98-112, 2018
In depth performance evaluation of LTE-M for M2M communications
S Dawaliby, A Bradai, Y Pousset
2016 IEEE 12th international conference on wireless and mobile computing …, 2016
Adaptive dynamic network slicing in LoRa networks
S Dawaliby, A Bradai, Y Pousset
Future generation computer systems 98, 697-707, 2019
Dynamic anchor points selection for mobility management in Software Defined Networks
A Bradai, A Benslimane, KD Singh
Journal of Network and Computer Applications 57, 1-11, 2015
A survey on machine learning in Internet of Things: Algorithms, strategies, and applications
S Messaoud, A Bradai, SHR Bukhari, PTA Quang, OB Ahmed, M Atri
Internet of Things 12, 100314, 2020
ReViV: Selective rebroadcast mechanism for video streaming over VANET
A Bradai, T Ahmed
2014 IEEE 79th Vehicular Technology Conference (VTC Spring), 1-6, 2014
Online GMM clustering and mini-batch gradient descent based optimization for industrial IoT 4.0
S Messaoud, A Bradai, E Moulay
IEEE Transactions on Industrial Informatics 16 (2), 1427-1435, 2019
Distributed network slicing in large scale IoT based on coalitional multi-game theory
S Dawaliby, A Bradai, Y Pousset
IEEE Transactions on Network and Service Management 16 (4), 1567-1580, 2019
EMCOS: Energy-efficient mechanism for multimedia streaming over cognitive radio sensor networks
A Bradai, K Singh, A Rachedi, T Ahmed
Pervasive and Mobile Computing 22, 16-32, 2015
Multi-domain non-cooperative VNF-FG embedding: A deep reinforcement learning approach
PTA Quang, A Bradai, KD Singh, Y Hadjadj-Aoul
IEEE INFOCOM 2019-IEEE Conference on Computer Communications Workshops …, 2019
ViCoV: Efficient video streaming for cognitive radio VANET
A Bradai, T Ahmed, A Benslimane
Vehicular Communications 1 (3), 105-122, 2014
Joint energy and QoS-aware memetic-based scheduling for M2M communications in LTE-M
S Dawaliby, A Bradai, Y Pousset, C Chatellier
IEEE Transactions on Emerging Topics in Computational Intelligence 3 (3 …, 2018
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