Mária Svéda
Mária Svéda
senior research fellow, University of Miskolc,ELKH-ME Materials Science Research Group, ELKH
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Citat de
Citat de
Amorphous alloys and differential scanning calorimetry (DSC)
D Janovszky, M Sveda, A Sycheva, F Kristaly, F Zámborszky, T Koziel, ...
Journal of Thermal Analysis and Calorimetry, 1-17, 2022
Effect of grinding fineness of fly ash on the properties of geopolymer foam
R Szabó, I Gombkötö, M Svéda, G Mucsi
Archives of Metallurgy and Materials 62, 2017
On the possible mechanisms of porosity formation during laser melt injection (LMI) technology
G Buza, V Janó, M Svéda, O Verezub, Z Kálazi, G Kaptay, A Roósz
Materials Science Forum 589, 79-84, 2008
The effect of melt flow induced by RMF on the meso-and micro-structure of unidirectionally solidified Al–7wt.% Si alloy Benchmark experiment under magnetic stirring
Z Veres, A Roósz, A Rónaföldi, A Sycheva, M Svéda
Journal of Materials Science & Technology 103, 197-208, 2022
Investigation of nanocrystalline sintered W-25 wt% Cu composite
T Mikó, F Kristály, D Pethő, M Svéda, G Karacs, G Gergely, Z Gácsi, ...
International Journal of Refractory Metals and Hard Materials 95, 105438, 2021
Dendrite fragmentation mechanism under forced convection condition by rotating magnetic field during unidirectional solidification of AlSi7 alloy
H Zhang, M Wu, CMG Rodrigues, A Ludwig, A Kharicha, A Rónaföldi, ...
Acta Materialia 241, 118391, 2022
Formation of lead bearing surface layers on aluminum alloys by laser alloying
M Svéda, A Roósz, G Buza
Materials Science Forum 508, 99-104, 2006
Microstructure evolution in CuZrAl alloys during ball-milling
K Tomolya, D Janovszky, M Benke, A Sycheva, M Sveda, T Ferenczi, ...
Journal of non-crystalline solids 382, 105-111, 2013
CuZrAl amorphous alloys prepared by casting and milling
K Tomolya, D Janovszky, M Sveda, N Hegman, J Solyom, A Roosz
Journal of Physics: Conference Series 144 (1), 012032, 2009
Experimental evaluation of MHD modeling of EMS during continuous casting
H Zhang, M Wu, Z Zhang, A Ludwig, A Kharicha, A Rónaföldi, A Roósz, ...
Metallurgical and Materials Transactions B 53 (4), 2166-2181, 2022
The effect of rotating magnetic field on the solidified structure of Sn-Cd peritectic alloys
M Svéda, A Sycheva, J Kovács, A Rónaföldi, A Roósz
Materials Science Forum 790, 414-419, 2014
Peculiarities of ball-milling induced crystalline–amorphous transformation in Cu–Zr–Al–Ni–Ti alloys
K Tomolya, D Janovszky, A Sycheva, M Sveda, T Ferenczi, A Roósz
Intermetallics 65, 117-121, 2015
Effect of Y and Ni addition on liquid immiscibility in Cu–Zr–Ag ternary alloys
D Janovszky, K Tomolya, M Sveda, A Sycheva, G Kaptay
Journal of alloys and compounds 615, S616-S620, 2014
Development of Monotectic Surface Layers by CO2 Laser
M Svéda, A Roósz, J Sólyom, Á Kovács, G Buza
Materials Science Forum 414, 147-152, 2002
Synthesis and characterization of Zr-based in situ crystal precipitated and liquid phase separated bulk metallic glass composite
G Czel, K Tomolya, M Sveda, A Sycheva, F Kristaly, A Roosz, ...
Journal of Non-Crystalline Solids 458, 41-51, 2017
Synthesis and characterization of copper-based composites reinforced by CuZrAlNiTi amorphous particles with enhanced mechanical properties
K Tomolya, A Sycheva, M Sveda, P Arki, T Miko, A Roosz, D Janovszky
Metals 7 (3), 92, 2017
Influence of Solidification Parameters on the Amount of Eutectic and Secondary Arm Spacing of Al–7wt% Si Alloy Solidified under Microgravity
A Roósz, A Rónaföldi, Y Li, N Mangelinck-Noël, G Zimmermann, ...
Crystals 12 (3), 414, 2022
Phase Transformation and Morphology Evolution of Ti50Cu25Ni20Sn5 during Mechanical Milling
D Janovszky, F Kristaly, T Miko, A Racz, M Sveda, A Sycheva, T Koziel
Materials 11 (9), 1769, 2018
The effect of process control agents and milling atmosphere on the structural changes of Ti50Cu27, 5Ni10Zr10Co2, 5 master alloy during short time milling
T Mikó, F Kristaly, K Bohács, M Sveda, A Sycheva, D Janovszky
IOP Conference Series: Materials Science and Engineering 426 (1), 012035, 2018
Analysis of Cu-Zr-Al amorphisable alloys produced by centrifugal casting
K Tomolya, D Janovszky, M Svéda, N Hegman, A Roósz
Materials Science Forum 649, 93-99, 2010
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