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(−)ESI/CAD MSn Procedure for Sequencing Lignin Oligomers Based on a Study of Synthetic Model Compounds with β-O-4 and 5-5 Linkages
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A Differentially Pumped Dual Linear Quadrupole Ion Trap (DLQIT) Mass Spectrometer: A Mass Spectrometer Capable of MSn Experiments Free From Interfering …
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Multi-channel pulsed valve inlet system and method
H Kenttamaa, R Hilger, R Yerabolu, J Kong, T Prentice, C Jin
US Patent 11,469,092, 2022
Erratum to: Identification of the Phenol Functionality in Deprotonated Monomeric and Dimeric Lignin Degradation Products via Tandem Mass Spectrometry Based on Ion–Molecule …
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Journal of The American Society for Mass Spectrometry 28 (2), 393-393, 2016
Development of mass spectrometry methodology and instrumentation for analysis of complex mixtures
TM Jarrell
Purdue University, 2014
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