Darian M. Onchis
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About the effectiveness of damage detection methods based on vibration measurements
GR Gillich, ZI Praisach, DM Onchis
Proceedings of the 3rd WSEAS International Conference on Engineering …, 2010
Constructive realization of dual systems for generators of multi-window spline-type spaces
HG Feichtinger, DM Onchis
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How to correlate vibration measurements with FEM results to locate damages in beams
GR Gillich, ZI Praisach, D Onchis-Moaca, N Gillich
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Gradually improving the readability of the time-frequency spectra for natural frequency identification in cantilever beams
D Onchis-Moaca, GR Gillich, R Frunza
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A parallel homological spanning forest framework for 2D topological image analysis
F Diaz-del-Rio, P Real, DM Onchis
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An optimally concentrated Gabor transform for localized time-frequency components
B Ricaud, G Stempfel, B Torrésani, C Wiesmeyr, H Lachambre, D Onchis
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Approximate dual Gabor atoms via the adjoint lattice method
HG Feichtinger, A Grybos, DM Onchis
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A method for optimizing the ambiguity function concentration
HG Feichtinger, D Onchis-Moaca, B Ricaud, B Torrésani, C Wiesmeyr
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The flexible Gabor-wavelet transform for car crash signal analysis
DM ONCHIȘ, EM Suarez Sanchez
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Construction of approximate dual wavelet frames
HG Feichtinger, DM Onchis, C Wiesmeyr
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Wavelet-type denoising for mechanical structures diagnosis
DM Onchis, GR Gillich
International Conference on Engineering Mechanics, Structures, Engineering …, 2010
Face and marker detection using Gabor frames on GPUs
M Găianu, DM Onchiș
Signal processing 96, 90-93, 2014
Constructive reconstruction from irregular sampling in multiwindow spline-type spaces
D Onchis, H Feichtinger
General Proceedings of the 7th ISAAC Congress, London, 2010
Deep learning for fault diagnosis and prognosis in manufacturing systems
R Yan, X Chen, P Wang, DM Onchis
Generalized Goertzel algorithm for computing the natural frequencies of cantilever beams
DM Onchis, P Rajmic
Signal Processing 96, 45-50, 2014
Stable and explainable deep learning damage prediction for prismatic cantilever steel beam
DM Onchis, GR Gillich
Computers in Industry 125, 103359, 2021
Observing damaged beams through their time–frequency extended signatures
D Onchis
Signal processing 96, 16-20, 2014
Multivariate symplectic Gabor frames with Gaussian windows
MA de Gosson, D Onchis
preprint, 2012
Multiple 1D data parallel wavelet transform
D Onchis, C Marta
Seventh International Symposium on Symbolic and Numeric Algorithms for …, 2005
Signal reconstruction in multi-windows spline-spaces using the dual system
DM Onchis
IEEE Signal Processing Letters 19 (11), 729-732, 2012
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