Andrew Dellinger
Andrew Dellinger
Adjunct Assistant Professor of Mathematics, Elon University
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Relationship between methylome and transcriptome in patients with nonalcoholic fatty liver disease
SK Murphy, H Yang, CA Moylan, H Pang, A Dellinger, MF Abdelmalek, ...
Gastroenterology 145 (5), 1076-1087, 2013
Hepatic gene expression profiles differentiate presymptomatic patients with mild versus severe nonalcoholic fatty liver disease
CA Moylan, H Pang, A Dellinger, A Suzuki, ME Garrett, CD Guy, ...
Hepatology 59 (2), 471-482, 2014
Comparative analyses of seven algorithms for copy number variant identification from single nucleotide polymorphism arrays
AE Dellinger, SM Saw, LK Goh, M Seielstad, TL Young, YJ Li
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Gene expression profile in human trabecular meshwork from patients with primary open-angle glaucoma
Y Liu, RR Allingham, X Qin, D Layfield, AE Dellinger, J Gibson, J Wheeler, ...
Investigative ophthalmology & visual science 54 (9), 6382-6389, 2013
Phase I study of bevacizumab, everolimus, and panobinostat (LBH-589) in advanced solid tumors
JH Strickler, AN Starodub, J Jia, KL Meadows, AB Nixon, A Dellinger, ...
Cancer chemotherapy and pharmacology 70, 251-258, 2012
Human Leukocyte Antigen B*14:01 and B*35:01 Are Associated With Trimethoprim‐Sulfamethoxazole Induced Liver Injury
YJ Li, EJ Phillips, A Dellinger, P Nicoletti, R Schutte, D Li, DA Ostrov, ...
Hepatology 73 (1), 268-281, 2021
Modulation of circulating protein biomarkers following TRC 105 (anti‐endoglin antibody) treatment in patients with advanced cancer
Y Liu, MD Starr, JC Brady, A Dellinger, H Pang, B Adams, CP Theuer, ...
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Serial analysis of gene expression (SAGE) in normal human trabecular meshwork
Y Liu, D Munro, D Layfield, A Dellinger, J Walter, K Peterson, CB Rickman, ...
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A phase I study of ABT‐510 plus bevacizumab in advanced solid tumors
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Cancer medicine 2 (3), 316-324, 2013
Transcriptome profiling of genes involved in neural tube closure during human embryonic development using long serial analysis of gene expression (long‐SAGE)
DR Krupp, PT Xu, S Thomas, A Dellinger, HC Etchevers, M Vekemans, ...
Birth Defects Research Part A: Clinical and Molecular Teratology 94 (9), 683-692, 2012
Principal-component-based multivariate regression for genetic association studies of metabolic syndrome components
H Mei, W Chen, A Dellinger, J He, M Wang, C Yau, SR Srinivasan, ...
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Clinical features, outcomes, and HLA risk factors associated with nitrofurantoin-induced liver injury
N Chalasani, YJ Li, A Dellinger, V Navarro, H Bonkovsky, RJ Fontana, ...
Journal of Hepatology 78 (2), 293-300, 2023
Identification of reduced ERAP2 expression and a novel HLA allele as components of a risk score for susceptibility to liver injury due to amoxicillin-clavulanate
P Nicoletti, A Dellinger, YJ Li, HX Barnhart, N Chalasani, RJ Fontana, ...
Gastroenterology 164 (3), 454-466, 2023
A Phase I/biomarker study of bevacizumab in combination with CNTO 95 in patients with advanced solid tumors
HE Uronis, J Jia, JC Bendell, L Howard, NA Ready, PH Lee, MD Starr, ...
Cancer chemotherapy and pharmacology 75, 343-352, 2015
Direct evidence of target inhibition with anti-VEGF, EGFR, and mTOR therapies in a clinical model of wound healing
J Jia, AE Dellinger, ES Weiss, A Bulusu, C Rushing, H Li, LA Howard, ...
Clinical Cancer Research 21 (15), 3442-3452, 2015
Integrative Pathway Analysis Using Graph-Based Learning with Applications to TCGA Colon and Ovarian Data
A Dellinger, A Nixon, H Pang
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Phase I study of capecitabine, oxaliplatin, bevacizumab, and everolimus in advanced solid tumors
F Rangwala, JC Bendell, MF Kozloff, CC Arrowood, A Dellinger, ...
Investigational new drugs 32, 700-709, 2014
Coffee consumption increases hepatic expression of cytochrome P450s and significantly reduces liver fibrosis in patients with nonalcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD)
H Tillmann, A Suzuki, HMH Pang, A Dellinger, CD Guy, CA Moylan, ...
Journal of Hepatology, 2011
Modest alcohol consumption attenuates expression of fibrosis-associated genes in patients with non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD)
CA Moylan, A Dellinger, HMH Pang, A Suzuki, HL Tillmann, D Hampton, ...
Gastroenterology, 2011
Expression QTL analysis of a gene expression signature which predicts advanced non-alcoholic fatty liver disease: 150
ME Garrett, CA Moylan, J Gibson, H Yang, H Pang, A Dellinger, A Suzuki, ...
Hepatology 56, 267A-268A, 2012
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