Gianpaolo Cugola
Gianpaolo Cugola
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Citat de
Processing flows of information: From data stream to complex event processing
G Cugola, A Margara
ACM Computing Surveys (CSUR) 44 (3), 1-62, 2012
The JEDI event-based infrastructure and its application to the development of the OPSS WFMS
G Cugola, E Di Nitto, A Fuggetta
IEEE transactions on Software Engineering 27 (9), 827-850, 2001
Exploiting an event-based infrastructure to develop complex distributed systems
G Cugola, E Di Nitto, A Fuggetta
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TESLA: a formally defined event specification language
G Cugola, A Margara
Proceedings of the Fourth ACM International Conference on Distributed Event …, 2010
Using publish/subscribe middleware for mobile systems
G Cugola, HA Jacobsen
ACM SIGMOBILE Mobile Computing and Communications Review 6 (4), 25-33, 2002
Software Processes: a Retrospective and a Path to the Future
G Cugola, C Ghezzi
Software Process: Improvement and Practice 4 (3), 101-123, 1998
Complex event processing with T-REX
G Cugola, A Margara
Journal of Systems and Software 85 (8), 1709-1728, 2012
Analyzing mobile code languages
G Cugola, C Ghezzi, GP Picco, G Vigna
International Workshop on Mobile Object Systems, 91-109, 1996
Tolerating deviations in process support systems via flexible enactment of process models
G Cugola
IEEE Transactions on Software Engineering 24 (11), 982-1001, 1998
Reds: a reconfigurable dispatching system
G Cugola, GP Picco
Proceedings of the 6th international workshop on Software engineering and …, 2006
Efficient content-based event dispatching in the presence of topological reconfiguration
GP Picco, G Cugola, AL Murphy
23rd International Conference on Distributed Computing Systems, 2003 …, 2003
A framework for formalizing inconsistencies and deviations in human-centered systems
G Cugola, E Di Nitto, A Fuggetta, C Ghezzi
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Epidemic algorithms for reliable content-based publish-subscribe: An evaluation
P Costa, M Migliavacca, GP Picco, G Cugola
24th International Conference on Distributed Computing Systems, 2004 …, 2004
Learning from the past: automated rule generation for complex event processing
A Margara, G Cugola, G Tamburrelli
Proceedings of the 8th ACM international conference on distributed event …, 2014
A self-repairing tree topology enabling content-based routing in mobile ad hoc networks
L Mottola, G Cugola, GP Picco
IEEE Transactions on Mobile Computing 7 (8), 946-960, 2008
Minimizing the reconfiguration overhead in content-based publish-subscribe
G Cugola, D Frey, AL Murphy, GP Picco
Proceedings of the 2004 ACM symposium on Applied computing, 1134-1140, 2004
A web-based peer-to-peer architecture for collaborative nomadic working
G Reif, E Kirda, H Gall, GP Picco, G Cugola, P Fenkam
Proceedings Tenth IEEE International Workshop on Enabling Technologies …, 2001
How to deal with deviations during process model enactment
G Cugola, E Di Nitto, C Ghezzi, M Mantione
Proceedings of the 17th international Conference on Software Engineering …, 1995
Introducing uncertainty in complex event processing: model, implementation, and validation
G Cugola, A Margara, M Matteucci, G Tamburrelli
Computing 97, 103-144, 2015
Low latency complex event processing on parallel hardware
G Cugola, A Margara
Journal of Parallel and Distributed Computing 72 (2), 205-218, 2012
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