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Nikolaj Moll
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The chemical structure of a molecule resolved by atomic force microscopy
L Gross, F Mohn, N Moll, P Liljeroth, G Meyer
Science 325 (5944), 1110-1114, 2009
Ultra-low loss photonic integrated circuit with membrane-type photonic crystal waveguides
SJ McNab, N Moll, YA Vlasov
Optics express 11 (22), 2927-2939, 2003
Quantum optimization using variational algorithms on near-term quantum devices
N Moll, P Barkoutsos, LS Bishop, JM Chow, A Cross, DJ Egger, S Filipp, ...
Quantum Science and Technology 3 (3), 030503, 2018
Bond-order discrimination by atomic force microscopy
L Gross, F Mohn, N Moll, B Schuler, A Criado, E Guitián, D Peña, ...
Science 337 (6100), 1326-1329, 2012
GaAs equilibrium crystal shape from first principles
N Moll, A Kley, E Pehlke, M Scheffler
Physical Review B 54 (12), 8844, 1996
Synthesis and characterization of triangulene
N Pavliček, A Mistry, Z Majzik, N Moll, G Meyer, DJ Fox, L Gross
Nature nanotechnology 12 (4), 308-311, 2017
Imaging the charge distribution within a single molecule
F Mohn, L Gross, N Moll, G Meyer
Nature nanotechnology 7 (4), 227-231, 2012
High-Resolution Molecular Orbital Imaging Using a -Wave STM Tip
L Gross, N Moll, F Mohn, A Curioni, G Meyer, F Hanke, M Persson
Physical Review Letters 107 (8), 086101, 2011
Organic structure determination using atomic-resolution scanning probe microscopy
L Gross, F Mohn, N Moll, G Meyer, R Ebel, WM Abdel-Mageed, M Jaspars
Nature chemistry 2 (10), 821-825, 2010
Quantum algorithms for electronic structure calculations: Particle-hole Hamiltonian and optimized wave-function expansions
PK Barkoutsos, JF Gonthier, I Sokolov, N Moll, G Salis, A Fuhrer, ...
Physical Review A 98 (2), 022322, 2018
The influence of surface stress on the equilibrium shape of strained quantum dots
N Moll, M Scheffler, E Pehlke
Physical Review B 58 (8), 4566, 1998
On-surface generation and imaging of arynes by atomic force microscopy
N Pavliček, B Schuler, S Collazos, N Moll, D Pérez, E Guitián, G Meyer, ...
Nature chemistry 7 (8), 623-628, 2015
Adsorption geometry determination of single molecules by atomic force microscopy
B Schuler, W Liu, A Tkatchenko, N Moll, G Meyer, A Mistry, D Fox, L Gross
Physical Review Letters 111 (10), 106103, 2013
Reversible Bergman cyclization by atomic manipulation
B Schuler, S Fatayer, F Mohn, N Moll, N Pavliček, G Meyer, D Peña, ...
Nature chemistry 8 (3), 220-224, 2016
The mechanisms underlying the enhanced resolution of atomic force microscopy with functionalized tips
N Moll, L Gross, F Mohn, A Curioni, G Meyer
New Journal of Physics 12 (12), 125020, 2010
Shape and stability of quantum dots.
E Pehlke, N Moll, A Kley, M Scheffler
Applied Physics A: Materials Science & Processing 65 (6), 1997
Atomic force microscopy for molecular structure elucidation
L Gross, B Schuler, N Pavliček, S Fatayer, Z Majzik, N Moll, D Peña, ...
Angewandte Chemie International Edition 57 (15), 3888-3908, 2018
Formation and stability of self-assembled coherent islands in highly mismatched heteroepitaxy
LG Wang, P Kratzer, M Scheffler, N Moll
Physical review letters 82 (20), 4042, 1999
Gate-efficient simulation of molecular eigenstates on a quantum computer
M Ganzhorn, DJ Egger, P Barkoutsos, P Ollitrault, G Salis, N Moll, M Roth, ...
Physical Review Applied 11 (4), 044092, 2019
Size, shape, and stability of InAs quantum dots on the GaAs (001) substrate
LG Wang, P Kratzer, N Moll, M Scheffler
Physical Review B 62 (3), 1897, 2000
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