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Biomass-derived porous carbons as supercapacitor electrodes–A review
M Shaker, AAS Ghazvini, W Cao, R Riahifar, Q Ge
New Carbon Materials 36 (3), 546-572, 2021
A review on the superb contribution of carbon and graphene quantum dots to electrochemical capacitors’ performance: Synthesis and application
M Shaker, R Riahifar, Y Li
FlatChem 22, 100171, 2020
Effect of Al and Zr co-doping on electrochemical performance of cathode Li[Li0.2Ni0.13Co0.13Mn0.54]O2 for Li-ion battery
M Ghorbanzadeh, E Allahyari, R Riahifar, SMM Hadavi
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Three-dimensional model for hot rolling of aluminum alloys
R Riahifar, S Serajzadeh
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Sorting ZnO particles of different shapes with low frequency AC electric fields
R Riahifar, E Marzbanrad, B Raissi, C Zamani, M Kazemzad, A Aghaei
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Effect of parameters on deposition pattern of ceramic nanoparticles in non-uniform AC electric field
R Riahifar, B Raissi, E Marzbanrad, C Zamani
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Co-electrophoretic deposition of Co3O4 and graphene nanoplates for supercapacitor electrode
AAS Ghazvini, E Taheri-Nassaj, B Raissi, R Riahifar, MS Yaghmaee, ...
Materials Letters 285, 129195, 2021
A criterion combined of bulk and surface lithium storage to predict the capacity of porous carbon lithium-ion battery anodes: lithium-ion battery anode capacity prediction
M Shaker, AAS Ghazvini, FR Qureshi, R Riahifar
Carbon Letters, 1-6, 2021
Fabrication of In2O3 based NO2 gas sensor through AC-electrophoretic deposition
PS Khiabani, E Marzbanrad, C Zamani, R Riahifar, B Raissi
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Role of substrate potential on filling the gap between two planar parallel electrodes in electrophoretic deposition
R Riahifar, E Marzbanrad, BR Dehkordi, C Zamani
Materials Letters 64 (5), 559-561, 2010
Electrophoretic deposition as a fabrication method for Li-ion battery electrodes and separators–a review
A Hajizadeh, T Shahalizade, R Riahifar, MS Yaghmaee, B Raissi, ...
Journal of Power Sources 535, 231448, 2022
Influence of Na and Nb co-substitution on electrochemical performance of ternary cathode materials for Li-ion batteries
M Ghorbanzadeh, S Farhadi, R Riahifar, SMM Hadavi
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How preparation of suspensions affects the electrophoretic deposition phenomenon
HR Sa’adati, B Raissi, R Riahifar, MS Yaghmaee
Journal of the European Ceramic Society 36 (2), 299-305, 2016
High quality factor microwave dielectric diopside glass-ceramics for the low temperature co-fired ceramic (LTCC) applications
MK Zitani, T Ebadzadeh, S Banijamali, R Riahifar, C Rüssel, SK Abkenar, ...
Journal of Non-Crystalline Solids 487, 65-71, 2018
General modeling and experimental observation of size dependence surface activity on the example of Pt nano-particles in electrochemical CO gas sensors
SS SebtAhmadi, MS Yaghmaee, B Raissi, R Riahifar, M Javaheri
Sensors and Actuators B: Chemical 285, 310-316, 2019
A review of nitrogen-doped carbon materials for lithium-ion battery anodes
M Shaker, AAS Ghazvini, T Shahalizade, MA Gaho, A Mumtaz, ...
New Carbon Materials 38 (2), 247-278, 2023
Fabrication of counter electrode of electrochemical CO gas sensor by electrophoretic deposition of MWCNT
SSS Ahmadi, B Raissi, R Riahifar, MS Yaghmaee, HR Saadati, ...
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Effect of low frequency electric field parameters on chain formation of ZnO nanoparticles for gas sensing applications
S Ghashghaie, E Marzbanrad, B Raissi, C Zamani, R Riahifar
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Optimization of cathode material components by means of experimental design for Li-ion batteries
AR Fathi, R Riahifar, B Raissi, M Sahba Yaghmaee, M Ghorbanzadeh
Journal of Electronic Materials 49, 6547-6558, 2020
Improving the Electrochemical Performance of Pouch Cell Electric Double‐Layer Capacitors by Integrating Graphene Nanoplates into Activated Carbon
M Shaker, AA Sadeghi Ghazvini, S Feng, W Cao, X Meng, Q Ge, ...
Energy Technology 10 (2), 2100735, 2022
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