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Spatiotemporal optical solitons
BA Malomed, D Mihalache, F Wise, L Torner
Journal of Optics B: Quantum and Semiclassical Optics 7 (5), R53, 2005
Models of few optical cycle solitons beyond the slowly varying envelope approximation
H Leblond, D Mihalache
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D Mihalache, D Mazilu, LC Crasovan, I Towers, AV Buryak, BA Malomed, ...
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Multidimensional localized structures in optical and matter-wave media: A topical survey of recent literature
D Mihalache
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L Li, Z Li, BA Malomed, D Mihalache, WM Liu
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Nonlinear Wave Propagation in Planar Structures
D Mihalache, M Bertolotti, C Sibilia
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Localized structures in optical and matter-wave media: a selection of recent studies
D Mihalache
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S Chen, F Baronio, JM Soto-Crespo, P Grelu, D Mihalache
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Nonlinear waves in optical and matter-wave media: A topical survey of recent theoretical and experimental results
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Y He, X Zhu, D Mihalache, J Liu, Z Chen
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Bose-Einstein condensation: Twenty years after
VS Bagnato, DJ Frantzeskakis, PG Kevrekidis, BA Malomed, D Mihalache
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Dyakonov surface waves: a review
O Takayama, LC Crasovan, SK Johansen, D Mihalache, D Artigas, ...
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Z Xu, YV Kartashov, LC Crasovan, D Mihalache, L Torner
Physical Review E—Statistical, Nonlinear, and Soft Matter Physics 71 (1 …, 2005
Exact dispersion relations for transverse magnetic polarized guided waves at a nonlinear interface
D Mihalache, GI Stegeman, CT Seaton, EM Wright, R Zanoni, ...
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Stable vortex solitons in the two-dimensional Ginzburg-Landau equation
LC Crasovan, BA Malomed, D Mihalache
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Few-optical-cycle solitons: Modified Korteweg–de Vries sine-Gordon equation versus other non–slowly-varying-envelope-approximation models
H Leblond, D Mihalache
Physical Review A—Atomic, Molecular, and Optical Physics 79 (6), 063835, 2009
Linear and nonlinear light bullets: recent theoretical and experimental studies
D Mihalache
Rom. J. Phys 57 (1-2), 352-371, 2012
Stable vortex tori in the three-dimensional cubic-quintic Ginzburg-Landau equation
D Mihalache, D Mazilu, F Lederer, YV Kartashov, LC Crasovan, L Torner, ...
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Walking solitons in quadratic nonlinear media
L Torner, D Mazilu, D Mihalache
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P-polarized nonlinear surface polaritons in layered structures
VK Fedyanin, D Mihalache
Zeitschrift für Physik B Condensed Matter 47 (2), 167-173, 1982
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