Vidya Setlur
Vidya Setlur
Senior Director of Research, Tableau Software
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Citat de
Citat de
Automatic image retargeting
V Setlur, S Takagi, R Raskar, M Gleicher, B Gooch
Proceedings of the 4th international conference on Mobile and ubiquitous …, 2005
Eviza: A natural language interface for visual analysis
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A large scale study of text-messaging use
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Applying pragmatics principles for interaction with visual analytics
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Four experiments on the perception of bar charts
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Apparatus and method for providing for interaction with content within a digital bezel
DA Dearman, VR Setlur
US Patent 9,720,586, 2017
Apparatus and method for selection of a device for content sharing operations
DA Dearman, VR Setlur
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Method, apparatus and computer program product for providing correlations between information from heterogenous sources
V Setlur, A Battestini
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Tilt menu: using the 3D orientation information of pen devices to extend the selection capability of pen-based user interfaces
F Tian, L Xu, H Wang, X Zhang, Y Liu, V Setlur, G Dai
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Visual summaries of popular landmarks from community photo collections
WC Chen, A Battestini, N Gelfand, V Setlur
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Retargeting images and video for preserving information saliency
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A linguistic approach to categorical color assignment for data visualization
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Retargeting images for small displays
V Setlur, M Gleicher, B Gooch, S Takagi, R Raskar
US Patent 7,574,069, 2009
Method and apparatus for illustrative representation of a text communication
V Setlur, TY Sohn, A Battestini
US Patent App. 12/414,603, 2010
Method and device for assembling forward error correction frames in multimedia streaming
R Vedantham, V Setlur, S Chitturi
US Patent 7,746,882, 2010
Inferencing underspecified natural language utterances in visual analysis
V Setlur, M Tory, A Djalali
Proceedings of the 24th international conference on intelligent user …, 2019
Method and apparatus for facilitating identity resolution
A Battestini, V Setlur, H Horii
US Patent App. 12/626,209, 2011
System and method of XML based content fragmentation for rich media streaming
V Setlur, R Vedantham
US Patent App. 11/503,031, 2008
Let's play chinese characters: mobile learning approaches via culturally inspired group games
F Tian, F Lv, J Wang, H Wang, W Luo, M Kam, V Setlur, G Dai, J Canny
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The tilt cursor: enhancing stimulus-response compatibility by providing 3d orientation cue of pen
F Tian, X Ao, H Wang, V Setlur, G Dai
Proceedings of the SIGCHI conference on Human factors in computing systems …, 2007
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