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New resolution strategy for multiscale reaction waves using time operator splitting, space adaptive multiresolution, and dedicated high order implicit/explicit time integrators
M Duarte, M Massot, S Descombes, C Tenaud, T Dumont, V Louvet, ...
SIAM Journal on Scientific Computing 34 (1), A76-A104, 2012
A new numerical strategy with space-time adaptivity and error control for multi-scale streamer discharge simulations
M Duarte, Z Bonaventura, M Massot, A Bourdon, S Descombes, T Dumont
Journal of Computational Physics 231 (3), 1002-1019, 2012
Simulation of human ischemic stroke in realistic 3D geometry
T Dumont, M Duarte, S Descombes, MA Dronne, M Massot, V Louvet
Communications in Nonlinear Science and Numerical Simulation 18 (6), 1539-1557, 2013
Adaptive time splitting method for multi-scale evolutionary partial differential equations
S Descombes, M Duarte, T Dumont, V Louvet, M Massot
Confluentes Mathematici 3 (3), 413-443, 2011
Time–space adaptive numerical methods for the simulation of combustion fronts
M Duarte, S Descombes, C Tenaud, S Candel, M Massot
Combustion and Flame 160 (6), 1083-1101, 2013
Analysis of operator splitting in the nonasymptotic regime for nonlinear reaction-diffusion equations. Application to the dynamics of premixed flames
S Descombes, M Duarte, T Dumont, F Laurent, V Louvet, M Massot
SIAM Journal on Numerical Analysis 52 (3), 1311-1334, 2014
A numerical strategy to discretize and solve the Poisson equation on dynamically adapted multiresolution grids for time-dependent streamer discharge simulations
M Duarte, Z Bonaventura, M Massot, A Bourdon
Journal of Computational Physics 289, 129-148, 2015
Méthodes numériques adaptatives pour la simulation de la dynamique de fronts de réaction multi-échelles en temps et en espace
M Duarte
Ecole Centrale Paris, 2011
Parareal operator splitting techniques for multi-scale reaction waves: Numerical analysis and strategies
M Duarte, M Massot, S Descombes
ESAIM: Mathematical Modelling and Numerical Analysis 45 (5), 825-852, 2011
Operator splitting methods with error estimator and adaptive time-stepping. Application to the simulation of combustion phenomena
S Descombes, M Duarte, M Massot
Splitting Methods in Communication, Imaging, Science, and Engineering, 627-641, 2016
Derivation of a merging condition for two interacting streamers in air
Z Bonaventura, M Duarte, A Bourdon, M Massot
Plasma Sources Science and Technology 21 (5), 052001, 2012
A low Mach number model for moist atmospheric flows
M Duarte, AS Almgren, JB Bell
Journal of the Atmospheric Sciences 72 (4), 1605-1620, 2015
Méthodes numériques adaptatives pour la simulation de la dynamique de fronts de réaction multi-échelles en temps et en espace
M Duarte
Matapli 98, 99-117, 2012
A numerical study of methods for moist atmospheric flows: Compressible equations
M Duarte, AS Almgren, K Balakrishnan, JB Bell, DM Romps
Monthly Weather Review 142 (11), 4269-4283, 2014
Tutorials on adaptive multiresolution for mesh refinement applied to fluid dynamics and reactive media problems
C Tenaud, M Duarte
ESAIM: Proceedings 34, 184-239, 2011
Task-based adaptive multiresolution for time-space multi-scale reaction-diffusion systems on multi-core architectures
S Descombes, M Duarte, T Dumont, T Guillet, V Louvet, M Massot
SMAI Journal of Computational Mathematics 3, 29-51, 2017
A hybrid adaptive low-Mach-number/compressible method: Euler equations
E Motheau, M Duarte, A Almgren, JB Bell
Journal of Computational Physics 372, 1027-1047, 2018
High order implicit time integration schemes on multiresolution adaptive grids for stiff PDEs
M Duarte, R Dobbins, M Smooke
arXiv preprint arXiv:1604.00355, 2016
High order schemes based on operator splitting and deferred corrections for stiff time dependent PDEs
M Duarte, M Emmett
arXiv preprint arXiv:1407.0195, 2014
Adaptive time-space algorithms for the simulation of multi-scale reaction waves
M Duarte, M Massot, S Descombes, T Dumont
Finite Volumes for Complex Applications VI Problems & Perspectives: FVCA 6 …, 2011
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