Meriem Djezzar
Meriem Djezzar
Université Abbes Laghrour, Khenchela
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Citat de
An ontology–based contextual approach for cross-domain applications in internet of things
S Benkhaled, M Hemam, M Djezzar, M Maimour
Informatica 46 (5), 2022
Semantic web technologies for internet of things semantic interoperability
FZ Amara, M Hemam, M Djezzar, M Maimour
Advances in Information, Communication and Cybersecurity: Proceedings of …, 2022
Ontological classification of individuals: a multi-viewpoints approach
M Djezzar, M Hemam, Z Boufaida
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Multi-viewpoint ontological representation of composite concepts: a description logics-based approach
M Hemam, M Djezzar, Z Boufaida
International Journal of Intelligent Information and Database Systems 10 (1 …, 2017
Semantic web and internet of things: Challenges, applications and perspectives
FZ Amara, M Hemam, M Djezzar, M Maimor
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Semantic web and machine learning techniques addressing semantic interoperability in Industry 4.0
MM Hafidi, M Djezzar, M Hemam, FZ Amara, M Maimour
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A real-time semantic based approach for modeling and reasoning in Industry 4.0
FZ Amara, M Djezzar, M Hemam, S Tiwari
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An approach for semantic enrichment of sensor data
M Djezzar, M Hemam, M Maimour, FZ Amara, K Falek, ZA Seghir
2018 3rd International Conference on Pattern Analysis and Intelligent …, 2018
A Description Logics Based Approach for Building Multi-Viewpoints Ontologies
M Hemam, M Djezzar, T Djouad
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Unlocking the power of semantic interoperability in industry 4.0: a comprehensive overview
FZ Amara, M Djezzar, M Hemam, S Tiwari, MM Hafidi
Iberoamerican Knowledge Graphs and Semantic Web Conference, 82-96, 2023
Ontological modeling of ERP for Industry 4.0.
FZ Amara, M Hemam, T Amara, M Djezzar
KGSWC Workshops, 161-170, 2022
Generation of heterogeneous semantic annotations of XML pages: A multi-viewpoints approach
M Djezzar, M Hemam, D Ouhiba, ZA Seghir
Informatica 45 (7), 2021
Multi-viewpoints ontological knowledge representation: a fuzzy description logics based approach
M Hemam, M Djezzar, ZA Seghir
Proceedings of the Fourth International Conference on Engineering & MIS 2018 …, 2018
A comparative study of machine learning algorithms for intrusion detection in IoT networks
Z Benamor, ZA Seghir, M Djezzar, M Hemam
Revue d'Intelligence Artificielle 37 (3), 567-576, 2023
Stereo image quality assessment using deformed pixels and Sobel magnitude
Z Ahmed Seghir, M Djezzar, M Hemam, A Zeggari, F Hachouf
Journal of Intelligent & Fuzzy Systems 44 (5), 7599-7611, 2023
Semantic Models and Machine Learning Approach in CPS: A Survey
HM Madani, M Djezzar, H Mounir, AS Zianou, M Maimour
SIoT-2022: International Workshop on Semantic IoT, Co-located with the KGSWC …, 2022
Semantic web approach for smart health to enhance patient monitoring in resuscitation
FZ Amara, M Hemam, M Djezzar, M Maimour
Tools, Languages, Methodologies for Representing Semantics on the Web of …, 2022
An ontological approach for domain knowledge modeling and querying in wireless sensor networks
M Hemam, M Djezzar, M Maimour, T Djouad, A Aounallah
The 2nd International Conference on Pattern Analysis and Intelligent Systems …, 2016
Exploring the Determinants of Semantic Internet of Things in Healthcare
FZ Amara, S Groppe, S Tiwari, M Hemam, M Djezzar
Roles and Challenges of Semantic Intelligence in Healthcare Cognitive …, 2024
New Game-Theoretic Convolutional Neural Network Applied for the Multi-Pursuer Multi-Evader Game
N Sid, M Djezzar, MEH Souidi, M Hemam
Computing and Informatics 42 (3), 546–567-546–567, 2023
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