Carlos Andujar
Carlos Andujar
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A survey of 3D object selection techniques for virtual environments
F Argelaguet, C Andujar
Computers & Graphics 37 (3), 121-136, 2013
Way‐finder: Guided tours through complex walkthrough models
C Andújar, P Vázquez, M Fairén
Computer Graphics Forum 23 (3), 499-508, 2004
Topology-reducing surface simplification using a discrete solid representation
C Andújar, P Brunet, D Ayala
ACM Transactions on Graphics (TOG) 21 (2), 88-105, 2002
Efficient 3D pointing selection in cluttered virtual environments
F Argelaguet, C Andujar
IEEE Computer Graphics and Applications 29 (6), 34-43, 2009
First impressions: A survey on vision-based apparent personality trait analysis
JCSJ Junior, Y Güçlütürk, M Pérez, U Güçlü, C Andujar, X Baró, ...
IEEE Transactions on Affective Computing 13 (1), 75-95, 2019
Integrating Occlusion Culling and Levels of Detail through Hardly‐Visible Sets
C Andújar, C Saona‐Vázquez, I Navazo, P Brunet
Computer Graphics Forum 19 (3), 499-506, 2000
Omni‐directional relief impostors
C Andújar, J Boo, P Brunet, M Fairén, I Navazo, P Vazquez, A Vinacua
Computer Graphics Forum 26 (3), 553-560, 2007
Automatic generation of multiresolution boundary representations
C Andújar, D Ayala, P Brunet, RJ Arinyo, J Solé
Computer Graphics Forum 15 (3), 87-96, 1996
See-through techniques for referential awareness in collaborative virtual reality
F Argelaguet, A Kulik, A Kunert, C Andujar, B Froehlich
International Journal of Human-Computer Studies 69 (6), 387-400, 2011
LOD visibility culling and occluder synthesis
C Andújar, C Saona-Vazquez, I Navazo
Computer-Aided Design 32 (13), 773-783, 2000
Overcoming eye-hand visibility mismatch in 3D pointing selection
F Argelaguet, C Andujar, R Trueba
Proceedings of the 2008 ACM symposium on Virtual reality software and …, 2008
A cost-effective approach for developing application-control GUIs for virtual environments
C Andujar, M Fairen, F Argelaguet
3D User Interfaces (3DUI'06), 45-52, 2006
Mesh repair with user-friendly topology control
F Hétroy, S Rey, C Andujar, P Brunet, A Vinacua
Computer-Aided Design 43 (1), 101-113, 2011
Single-picture reconstruction and rendering of trees for plausible vegetation synthesis
O Argudo, A Chica, C Andujar
Computers & Graphics 57, 55-67, 2016
Visual feedback techniques for virtual pointing on stereoscopic displays
F Argelaguet, C Andujar
Proceedings of the 16th ACM Symposium on Virtual Reality Software and …, 2009
A survey of real‐time crowd rendering
A Beacco, N Pelechano, C Andújar
Computer Graphics Forum 35 (8), 32-50, 2016
Optimizing the topological and combinatorial complexity of isosurfaces
C Andújar, P Brunet, A Chica, I Navazo, J Rossignac, A Vinacua
Computer-Aided Design 37 (8), 847-857, 2005
Terrain super‐resolution through aerial imagery and fully convolutional networks
O Argudo, A Chica, C Andujar
Computer Graphics Forum 37 (2), 101-110, 2018
Coherent multi-layer landscape synthesis
O Argudo, C Andujar, A Chica, E Guérin, J Digne, A Peytavie, E Galin
The Visual Computer 33, 1005-1015, 2017
User-interface design for the Ripoll Monastery exhibition at the National Art Museum of Catalonia
C Andujar, A Chica, P Brunet
Computers & Graphics 36 (1), 28-37, 2012
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