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Hamed HaddadPajouh
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A two-layer dimension reduction and two-tier classification model for anomaly-based intrusion detection in IoT backbone networks
HH Pajouh, R Javidan, R Khayami, A Dehghantanha, KKR Choo
IEEE Transactions on Emerging Topics in Computing 7 (2), 314-323, 2016
A deep recurrent neural network based approach for internet of things malware threat hunting
H HaddadPajouh, A Dehghantanha, R Khayami, KKR Choo
Future Generation Computer Systems 85, 88-96, 2018
A survey on internet of things security: Requirements, challenges, and solutions
H HaddadPajouh, A Dehghantanha, RM Parizi, M Aledhari, H Karimipour
Internet of Things 14, 100129, 2021
Two-tier network anomaly detection model: a machine learning approach
HH Pajouh, GH Dastghaibyfard, S Hashemi
Journal of Intelligent Information Systems 48, 61-74, 2017
Cryptocurrency malware hunting: A deep recurrent neural network approach
A Yazdinejad, H HaddadPajouh, A Dehghantanha, RM Parizi, ...
Applied Soft Computing 96, 106630, 2020
Intelligent OS X malware threat detection with code inspection
HH Pajouh, A Dehghantanha, R Khayami, KKR Choo
Journal of Computer Virology and Hacking Techniques 14, 213-223, 2018
AI4SAFE-IoT: An AI-powered secure architecture for edge layer of Internet of things
H HaddadPajouh, R Khayami, A Dehghantanha, KKR Choo, RM Parizi
Neural Computing and Applications 32, 16119-16133, 2020
A multikernel and metaheuristic feature selection approach for IoT malware threat hunting in the edge layer
H Haddadpajouh, A Mohtadi, A Dehghantanaha, H Karimipour, X Lin, ...
IEEE Internet of Things Journal 8 (6), 4540-4547, 2020
MVFCC: A multi-view fuzzy consensus clustering model for malware threat attribution
H Haddadpajouh, A Azmoodeh, A Dehghantanha, RM Parizi
IEEE Access 8, 139188-139198, 2020
Industrial big data analytics: challenges and opportunities
A Al-Abassi, H Karimipour, H HaddadPajouh, A Dehghantanha, RM Parizi
Handbook of big data privacy, 37-61, 2020
A hybrid deep generative local metric learning method for intrusion detection
M Saharkhizan, A Azmoodeh, H HaddadPajouh, A Dehghantanha, ...
Handbook of Big Data Privacy, 343-357, 2020
Mobile forensics: A bibliometric analysis
J Gill, I Okere, H HaddadPajouh, A Dehghantanha
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A cyber kill chain based analysis of remote access trojans
R HosseiniNejad, H HaddadPajouh, A Dehghantanha, RM Parizi
Handbook of big data and iot security, 273-299, 2019
Malware elimination impact on dynamic analysis: An experimental machine learning approach
M Nassiri, H HaddadPajouh, A Dehghantanha, H Karimipour, RM Parizi, ...
Handbook of Big Data Privacy, 359-370, 2020
Artificial intelligence and security of industrial control systems
S Singh, H Karimipour, H HaddadPajouh, A Dehghantanha
Handbook of Big Data Privacy, 121-164, 2020
RAT hunter: Building robust models for detecting remote access trojans based on optimum hybrid features
MM BehradFar, H HaddadPajouh, A Dehghantanha, A Azmoodeh, ...
Handbook of Big Data Privacy, 371-383, 2020
Ransomware threat detection: A deep learning approach
K Marsh, H Haddadpajouh
Handbook of Big Data Analytics and Forensics, 253-269, 2022
Artificial intelligence, important assistant of scientists and physicians
A Karimi, H HaddadPajouh
Galen Medical Journal 9, e2048-e2048, 2020
An Investigation on the Use of Expert Systems in Developing Web-Based Fitness Exercise Plan Generator
A Darejeh, HH Pajouh, A Darejeh
Int. Rev. Comput. Softw.(IRECOS) 9, 1442-1448, 2014
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