Aurelian-Petruș Plopeanu, Ph.D. Researcher habil.
Aurelian-Petruș Plopeanu, Ph.D. Researcher habil.
Department of Social Sciences and Humanities, Alexandru Ioan Cuza University of Iași
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The effectiveness of the emergency eLearning during COVID-19 pandemic. The case of higher education in economics in Romania
M Roman, AP Plopeanu
International Review of Economics Education 37, 100218, 2021
Exploring the influence of personal motivations, beliefs and attitudes on students’ post-graduation migration intentions: Evidence from three major Romanian universities
AP Plopeanu, D Homocianu, AA Mihăilă, EL Crișan, G Bodea, RD Bratu, ...
Applied Sciences 8 (11), 2121, 2018
Who Wishes to Return? Ties to Home Country Among the Romanian Migrants
S Gherghina, AP Plopeanu
Nationalities Papers 48 (5), 876-890, 2020
The Impact of Socio-Cultural Integration on Return Intentions: Evidence from a Survey on Romanian Migrants
S Gherghina, AP Plopeanu, CV Necula
Journal of Immigrant & Refugee Studies 18 (4), 515-528, 2020
Where do Ideas come from? The relation between book production and patents from the Industrial Revolution to the present
AP Plopeanu, P Foldvari, B van Leeuwen, JL Van Zanden
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Comparative patterns of migration intentions: Evidence from eastern European students in economics from Romania and Republic of Moldova
AP Plopeanu, D Homocianu, N Florea, OA Ghiuță, D Airinei
Sustainability 11 (18), 4935, 2019
Exploring the patterns of job satisfaction for individuals aged 50 and over from three historical regions of Romania. An inductive approach with respect to triangulation, cross …
D Homocianu, AP Plopeanu, N Florea, AM Andrieș
Applied Sciences 10 (7), 2573, 2020
Religion as a major institution in the emergence and expansion of modern capitalism. From Protestant political doctrines to enlightened reform
AP Plopeanu, I Pohoata
Journal for the Study of Religions and Ideologies 15 (43), 125-143, 2016
Christianity and Political Democracy in the Middle Ages and Modern Times
T Brăilean, AP Plopeanu
Human and Social Studies 2 (2), 119-137, 2013
Sustainable careers: reliability of job satisfaction predictors for employees aged 50+. Evidence from Romanian development regions
AP Plopeanu, D Homocianu, I Bostan, AI Vodă, N Florea
Sustainability 13 (15), 8133, 2021
A robust approach for identifying the major components of the bribery tolerance index
D Homocianu, AP Plopeanu, R Ianole-Calin
Mathematics 9 (13), 1570, 2021
Why would Romanian migrants from Western Europe return to their country of origin?
AP Plopeanu, D Homocianu
Eastern Journal of European Studies 11 (1), 211-235, 2020
A Study on the Emigration Enablers of the Romanian Students in Theology
AP Plopeanu, D Homocianu, CV Necula
Revista Românească pentru Educație Multidimensională 10 (2), 180-197, 2018
Economie politică
T Brăilean, AP Plopeanu
Institutul European, 2012
Exploring the Migration Intention of Romanian Students in Economics
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Prague Economic Papers 29 (3), 330-350, 2020
The Statistical Analysis of Labor Market and Female Labor Force Characteristics in Central and Eastern European Countries
E Jaba, C Sandu, A Plopeanu, I Robu, M Istrate
The Jews, God and economics
T Brăilean, C Mădălina, C Sorina, P Aurelian-Petrus
European Journal of Science and Theology 8 (4), 107-117, 2012
Short Forms of the Centrality of Religiosity Scale: Validation and Application in the Context of Religious Individualism of Orthodox and Pentecostal Christians in Romania
M Ackert, AP Plopeanu
Religions 12 (1), 9, 2020
Publishing ideas: The factors determining the number of book titles
B van Leeuwen, AP Plopeanu, P Foldvari
Acta Oeconomica 68 (3), 443–466, 2018
Determinants of Entrepreneurial Proclivity of Students in Economics and Business Administration
AP Plopeanu, D Homocianu, D Airinei
Economic Computation & Economic Cybernetics Studies & Research 52 (3), 2018
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