Zubair Md Fadlullah
Zubair Md Fadlullah
Associate Professor, Department of Computer Science, Western University
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Citat de
Citat de
Space-air-ground integrated network: A survey
J Liu, Y Shi, ZM Fadlullah, N Kato
IEEE Communications Surveys & Tutorials 20 (4), 2714-2741, 2018
State-of-the-art deep learning: Evolving machine intelligence toward tomorrow’s intelligent network traffic control systems
ZM Fadlullah, F Tang, B Mao, N Kato, O Akashi, T Inoue, K Mizutani
IEEE Communications Surveys & Tutorials 19 (4), 2432-2455, 2017
Toward intelligent machine-to-machine communications in smart grid
ZM Fadlullah, MM Fouda, N Kato, A Takeuchi, N Iwasaki, Y Nozaki
IEEE Communications Magazine 49 (4), 60-65, 2011
A lightweight message authentication scheme for smart grid communications
MM Fouda, ZM Fadlullah, N Kato, R Lu, XS Shen
IEEE Transactions on Smart grid 2 (4), 675-685, 2011
The deep learning vision for heterogeneous network traffic control: Proposal, challenges, and future perspective
N Kato, ZM Fadlullah, B Mao, F Tang, O Akashi, T Inoue, K Mizutani
IEEE wireless communications 24 (3), 146-153, 2016
A survey on network methodologies for real-time analytics of massive IoT data and open research issues
S Verma, Y Kawamoto, ZM Fadlullah, H Nishiyama, N Kato
IEEE Communications Surveys & Tutorials 19 (3), 1457-1477, 2017
Routing or computing? The paradigm shift towards intelligent computer network packet transmission based on deep learning
B Mao, ZM Fadlullah, F Tang, N Kato, O Akashi, T Inoue, K Mizutani
IEEE Transactions on Computers 66 (11), 1946-1960, 2017
Optimizing space-air-ground integrated networks by artificial intelligence
N Kato, ZM Fadlullah, F Tang, B Mao, S Tani, A Okamura, J Liu
IEEE Wireless Communications 26 (4), 140-147, 2019
On removing routing protocol from future wireless networks: A real-time deep learning approach for intelligent traffic control
F Tang, B Mao, ZM Fadlullah, N Kato, O Akashi, T Inoue, K Mizutani
IEEE Wireless Communications 25 (1), 154-160, 2017
AC-POCA: Anticoordination game based partially overlapping channels assignment in combined UAV and D2D-based networks
F Tang, ZM Fadlullah, N Kato, F Ono, R Miura
IEEE Transactions on Vehicular Technology 67 (2), 1672-1683, 2017
An intelligent traffic load prediction-based adaptive channel assignment algorithm in SDN-IoT: A deep learning approach
F Tang, ZM Fadlullah, B Mao, N Kato
IEEE Internet of Things Journal 5 (6), 5141-5154, 2018
GTES: An optimized game-theoretic demand-side management scheme for smart grid
ZM Fadlullah, DM Quan, N Kato, I Stojmenovic
IEEE Systems journal 8 (2), 588-597, 2013
A dynamic trajectory control algorithm for improving the communication throughput and delay in UAV-aided networks
ZM Fadlullah, D Takaishi, H Nishiyama, N Kato, R Miura
IEEE Network 30 (1), 100-105, 2016
On the partially overlapped channel assignment on wireless mesh network backbone: A game theoretic approach
PBF Duarte, ZM Fadlullah, AV Vasilakos, N Kato
IEEE Journal on Selected Areas in Communications 30 (1), 119-127, 2011
Disaster-resilient networking: a new vision based on movable and deployable resource units
T Sakano, ZM Fadlullah, T Ngo, H Nishiyama, M Nakazawa, F Adachi, ...
IEEE Network 27 (4), 40-46, 2013
A deep-learning-based radio resource assignment technique for 5G ultra dense networks
Y Zhou, ZM Fadlullah, B Mao, N Kato
IEEE Network 32 (6), 28-34, 2018
DL-CRC: deep learning-based chest radiograph classification for COVID-19 detection: a novel approach
S Sakib, T Tazrin, MM Fouda, ZM Fadlullah, M Guizani
Ieee Access 8, 171575-171589, 2020
An early warning system against malicious activities for smart grid communications
ZM Fadlullah, MM Fouda, N Kato, X Shen, Y Nozaki
Network, IEEE 25 (5), 50-55, 2011
DTRAB: Combating against attacks on encrypted protocols through traffic-feature analysis
ZM Fadlullah, T Taleb, AV Vasilakos, M Guizani, N Kato
IEEE/ACM Transactions On Networking 18 (4), 1234-1247, 2010
On a novel deep-learning-based intelligent partially overlapping channel assignment in SDN-IoT
F Tang, B Mao, ZM Fadlullah, N Kato
IEEE Communications Magazine 56 (9), 80-86, 2018
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