Chao Wei
Chao Wei
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Citat de
Base station calibration
F Teng, C Wei, G Zeng, Y Yin, X Huang
US Patent 9,173,217, 2015
3D MIMO CSI feedback based on virtual elevation ports
C Wei
US Patent 9,497,002, 2016
TDD reconfiguration with consideration of DTX/DRX
C Wei, X Zhu, J Hou, N Wang
US Patent 11,337,245, 2022
Mapping resource blocks into subchannels
C Wei, X Qi, S Li
US Patent 8,111,609, 2012
Random access procedure with beamforming in LTE
J Hou, N Wang, C Wei
US Patent 10,299,275, 2019
Periodic and aperiodic channel state information (CSI) reporting for MIMO
C Wei, Y Zhang
US Patent 11,317,306, 2022
Multiple subframe set CSI feedback
W Chen, C Wei, N Wang, H Xu, P Gaal
US Patent 10,015,782, 2018
Energy efficient CSI measurement for FD-MIMO
C Wei
US Patent 11,139,875, 2021
Dynamic csi-rs transmission for enhanced fd-mimo
C Wei, W Chen, P Gaal
US Patent 10,727,920, 2020
Of hybrid automatic repeat request (HARQ) feedback bits for polar codes
C Xu, J Li, C Wei, J Hou
US Patent 10,291,359, 2019
Apparatus and method for full-dimensional MIMO with one-dimensional CSI feedback
C Wei, Y Zhang, J Hou
US Patent 10,181,888, 2019
Two-dimensional discrete fourier transform (2d-dft) based codebook for elevation beamforming
P Cheng, C Wei, N Wang, J Hou
US Patent App. 14/889,108, 2016
Apparatus, method, and computer program product providing enhanced resource allocation for a wireless mesh network
C Wei
US Patent 7,783,292, 2010
Breakthrough the upperbond of permeability vs. tensile strength of TIPS-prepared PVDF membranes
JH Zuo, C Wei, P Cheng, X Yan, Y Chen, WZ Lang
Journal of Membrane Science 604, 118089, 2020
Pressure sensor with a color change at room temperature based on spin-crossover behavior
D Gao, Y Liu, B Miao, C Wei, JG Ma, P Cheng, GM Yang
Inorganic Chemistry 57 (20), 12475-12479, 2018
PUUCH resource mapping an HARQ-ACK feedback
C Wei, W Chen, X Zhang, N Wang, H Xu, P Gaal
US Patent 10,045,339, 2018
Method and apparatus for efficient usage of DAI bits for eIMTA in LTE
C Wei, N Wang, P Cheng, W Chen, H Xu, P Gaal, J Hou
US Patent 9,961,673, 2018
Bit allocations for encoding and decoding
J Jiang, G Sarkis, Y Yang, S Kudekar, JB Soriaga, H Sankar, C Xu, C Wei
US Patent 11,018,804, 2021
Method and apparatus for configuration of CSI-RS for 3D-MIMO
C Wei, Y Zhang, J Hou
US Patent 10,469,139, 2019
Restricted aperiodic CSI measurement reporting in enhanced interference management and traffic adaptation
C Wei, W Chen, P Gaal
US Patent 9,667,331, 2017
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