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A C4-oxidizing lytic polysaccharide monooxygenase cleaving both cellulose and cello-oligosaccharides
T Isaksen, B Westereng, FL Aachmann, JW Agger, D Kracher, R Kittl, ...
Journal of biological chemistry 289 (5), 2632-2642, 2014
Production of four Neurospora crassa lytic polysaccharide monooxygenases in Pichia pastoris monitored by a fluorimetric assay
R Kittl, D Kracher, D Burgstaller, D Haltrich, R Ludwig
Biotechnology for biofuels 5, 1-14, 2012
Structural basis for cellobiose dehydrogenase action during oxidative cellulose degradation
TC Tan, D Kracher, R Gandini, C Sygmund, R Kittl, D Haltrich, ...
Nature communications 6 (1), 7542, 2015
A fast and sensitive activity assay for lytic polysaccharide monooxygenase
E Breslmayr, M Hanľek, A Hanrahan, C Leitner, R Kittl, B ©antek, ...
Biotechnology for biofuels 11, 1-13, 2018
Characterization of the two Neurospora crassa cellobiose dehydrogenases and their connection to oxidative cellulose degradation
C Sygmund, D Kracher, S Scheiblbrandner, K Zahma, AKG Felice, ...
Applied and environmental microbiology 78 (17), 6161-6171, 2012
From by-product to valuable components: Efficient enzymatic conversion of lactose in whey using β-galactosidase from Streptococcus thermophilus
B Geiger, HM Nguyen, S Wenig, HA Nguyen, C Lorenz, R Kittl, ...
Biochemical Engineering Journal 116, 45-53, 2016
Blood tolerant laccase by directed evolution
DM Mate, D Gonzalez-Perez, M Falk, R Kittl, M Pita, AL De Lacey, ...
Chemistry & biology 20 (2), 223-231, 2013
A Food-Grade System for Inducible Gene Expression in Lactobacillus plantarum Using an Alanine Racemase-Encoding Selection Marker
TT Nguyen, G Mathiesen, L Fredriksen, R Kittl, TH Nguyen, VGH Eijsink, ...
Journal of agricultural and food chemistry 59 (10), 5617-5624, 2011
Characterization of a heterodimeric GH2 β-galactosidase from Lactobacillus sakei Lb790 and formation of prebiotic galacto-oligosaccharides
S Iqbal, TH Nguyen, HA Nguyen, TT Nguyen, T Maischberger, R Kittl, ...
Journal of agricultural and food chemistry 59 (8), 3803-3811, 2011
A chloride tolerant laccase from the plant pathogen ascomycete Botrytis aclada expressed at high levels in Pichia pastoris
R Kittl, K Mueangtoom, C Gonaus, ST Khazaneh, C Sygmund, D Haltrich, ...
Journal of biotechnology 157 (2), 304-314, 2012
New approaches to enzymatic glycoside synthesis through directed evolution
R Kittl, SG Withers
Carbohydrate research 345 (10), 1272-1279, 2010
Production of lactose-free galacto-oligosaccharide mixtures: comparison of two cellobiose dehydrogenases for the selective oxidation of lactose to lactobionic acid
T Maischberger, TH Nguyen, P Sukyai, R Kittl, S Riva, R Ludwig, ...
Carbohydrate Research 343 (12), 2140-2147, 2008
Characterization of pyranose dehydrogenase from Agaricus meleagris and its application in the C-2 specific conversion of D-galactose
C Sygmund, R Kittl, J Volc, P Halada, E Kubátová, D Haltrich, ...
Journal of biotechnology 133 (3), 334-342, 2008
Simple and efficient expression of Agaricus meleagris pyranose dehydrogenase in Pichia pastoris
C Sygmund, A Gutmann, I Krondorfer, M Kujawa, A Glieder, B Pscheidt, ...
Applied microbiology and biotechnology 94, 695-704, 2012
Functional expression of a blood tolerant laccase in Pichia pastoris
DM Mate, D Gonzalez-Perez, R Kittl, R Ludwig, M Alcalde
BMC biotechnology 13, 1-12, 2013
Effect of the L499M mutation of the ascomycetous Botrytis aclada laccase on redox potential and catalytic properties
E Osipov, K Polyakov, R Kittl, S Shleev, P Dorovatovsky, T Tikhonova, ...
Acta Crystallographica Section D: Biological Crystallography 70 (11), 2913-2923, 2014
Evolving stability and pH-dependent activity of the high redox potential Botrytis aclada laccase for enzymatic fuel cells
S Scheiblbrandner, E Breslmayr, F Csarman, R Paukner, J Führer, ...
Scientific reports 7 (1), 13688, 2017
Two β-Galactosidases from the Human Isolate Bifidobacterium breve DSM 20213: Molecular Cloning and Expression, Biochemical Characterization and Synthesis …
SL Arreola, M Intanon, J Suljic, R Kittl, NH Pham, P Kosma, D Haltrich, ...
PloS one 9 (8), e104056, 2014
Exploitation of a Laccase/Meldola’s Blue System for NAD+ Regeneration in Preparative Scale Hydroxysteroid Dehydrogenase‐Catalyzed Oxidations
EE Ferrandi, D Monti, I Patel, R Kittl, D Haltrich, S Riva, R Ludwig
Advanced Synthesis & Catalysis 354 (14‐15), 2821-2828, 2012
Direct electron transfer from the FAD cofactor of cellobiose dehydrogenase to electrodes
C Schulz, R Kittl, R Ludwig, L Gorton
ACS catalysis 6 (2), 555-563, 2016
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