Paweł Olejnik
Paweł Olejnik
Department of Automation, Biomechanics and Mechatronics, Lodz University of Technology, POLAND
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Citat de
Citat de
Analysis of dynamic systems with various friction laws
J Awrejcewicz, P Olejnik
Applied Mechanics Reviews 58 (1/6), 389, 2005
Numerical and experimental study of regular and chaotic motion of triple physical pendulum
J Awrejcewicz, B Supeł, CH Lamarque, G Kudra, G Wasilewski, P Olejnik
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V Pilipchuk, P Olejnik, J Awrejcewicz
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Occurrence of stick-slip phenomenon
J Awrejcewicz, P Olejnik
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J Awrejcewicz, M Fečkan, P Olejnik
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Coupled oscillators in identification of nonlinear damping of a real parametric pendulum
P Olejnik, J Awrejcewicz
Mechanical Systems and Signal Processing 98, 91-107, 2018
Application of Hénon method in numerical estimation of the stick-slip transitions existing in Filippov-type discontinuous dynamical systems with dry friction
P Olejnik, J Awrejcewicz
Nonlinear Dynamics 73, 723-736, 2013
Numerical analysis of self-excited by friction chaotic oscillations in two-degrees-of-freedom system using exact Henon method
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An Overview of ATmega AVR Microcontrollers Used in Scientific Research and Industrial Applications
W Kunikowski, E Czerwiński, P Olejnik, J Awrejcewicz
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Modeling, analysis and control of dynamical systems with friction and impacts
P Olejnik, J Awrejcewicz, M Fec̆kan
Bifurcations of planar sliding homoclinics
J Awrejcewicz, M Fečkan, P Olejnik
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Low-speed voltage-input tracking control of a DC-motor numerically modelled by a dynamical system with stick-slip friction
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Numerical and experimental investigations of simple non-linear system modelling a girling duo-servo brake mechanism
J Awrejcewicz, P Olejnik
International Design Engineering Technical Conferences and Computers and …, 2003
On the modeling and simulation of variable-length pendulum systems: a review
G Yakubu, P Olejnik, J Awrejcewicz
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Dynamics of Mechatronics Systems: Modeling, Simulation, Control, Optimization and Experimental Investigations
J Awrejcewicz, D Lewandowski, P Olejnik
World scientific, 2016
An Approximation Method for the Numerical Solution of Planar Discontinuous Dynamical Systems with Stick-Slip Friction
P Olejnik, J Awrejcewicz, M Feckan
Applied Mathematical Sciences 8 (145), 7213-7238, 2014
Dynamics of articulated vehicles by means of multibody methods
I Adamiec-Wójcik, J Awrejcewicz, W Grzegożek, S Wojciech, ...
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Sliding solutions of a simple two degrees-of-freedom dynamical system with friction
J Awrejcewicz, P Olejnik, M Fečkan
Proceedings of 5th EUROMECH - Nonlinear Dynamics Conference, 277-282, 2005
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