Imre Vass
Imre Vass
Director, Insititute of Plant Biology, Biological Research Center of HAS, Szeged, Hungary
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Citat de
Reversible and irreversible intermediates during photoinhibition of photosystem II: stable reduced QA species promote chlorophyll triplet formation.
I Vass, S Styring, T Hundal, A Koivuniemi, E Aro, B Andersson
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I Vass
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pH-dependent charge equilibria between tyrosine-D and the S states in photosystem II. Estimation of relative midpoint redox potentials
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A novel aldose/aldehyde reductase protects transgenic plants against lipid peroxidation under chemical and drought stresses
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Plants ectopically expressing the ironbinding protein, ferritin, are tolerant to oxidative damage and pathogens
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Photoinhibition of photosynthesis in vivo results in singlet oxygen production detection via nitroxide-induced fluorescence quenching in broad bean leaves
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Detection of singlet oxygen and superoxide with fluorescent sensors in leaves under stress by photoinhibition or UV radiation
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43 adverse effects of UV-B light on the structure and function of the photosynthetic apparatus
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Structure of donor side components in photosystem II predicted by computer modelling.
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UV-B-induced inhibition of photosystem II electron transport studied by EPR and chlorophyll fluorescence. Impairment of donor and acceptor side components
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Copper Toxicity Affects Photosystem II Electron Transport at the Secondary Quinone Acceptor, QB
N Mohanty, I Vass, S Demeter
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Role of charge recombination processes in photodamage and photoprotection of the photosystem II complex
I Vass
Physiologia plantarum 142 (1), 6-16, 2011
Sequence analysis of the D1 and D2 reaction center proteins of photosystem II
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Impairment of photosystem 2 activity at the level of secondary quinone electron acceptor in chloroplasts treated with cobalt, nickel and zinc ions
N Mohanty, I Vass, S Demeter
Physiologia Plantarum 76 (3), 386-390, 1989
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