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Superhydrophobic composite films produced on various substrates
PN Manoudis, I Karapanagiotis, A Tsakalof, I Zuburtikudis, C Panayiotou
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Comparison of extraction methods for the analysis of natural dyes in historical textiles by high-performance liquid chromatography
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Modification of the wettability of polymer surfaces using nanoparticles
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Tuning the wetting properties of siloxane-nanoparticle coatings to induce superhydrophobicity and superoleophobicity for stone protection
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High-performance liquid chromatographic determination of colouring matters in historical garments from the Holy Mountain of Athos
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Superhydrophobic, superoleophobic coatings for the protection of silk textiles
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HPLC–DAD–MS analysis of dyes identified in textiles from Mount Athos
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Structure elucidation and chromatographic identification of anthraquinone components of cochineal (Dactylopius coccus) detected in historical objects
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Superhydrophobic polymer‐particle composite films produced using various particle sizes
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Analysis of alkannin derivatives from Alkanna species by high‐performance liquid chromatography/photodiode array/mass spectrometry
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Investigation of the colourants used in icons of the Cretan School of iconography
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Phytochemical analysis of young fustic (Cotinus coggygria heartwood) and identification of isolated colourants in historical textiles
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Facile method to prepare superhydrophobic and water repellent cellulosic paper
I Karapanagiotis, D Grosu, D Aslanidou, KE Aifantis
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Identification of red natural dyes in post‐byzantine icons by HPLC
I Karapanagiotis, sist Daniilia, A Tsakalof, Y Chryssoulakis
Journal of liquid chromatography & related technologies 28 (5), 739-749, 2005
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