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Petean Ioan
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Biogenic syntheses of gold nanoparticles using plant extracts
RD Pasca, A Mocanu, SC Cobzac, I Petean, O Horovitz, ...
Particulate Science and Technology 32 (2), 131-137, 2014
Effect of amorphous SiO2 matrix on structural and magnetic properties of Cu0. 6Co0. 4Fe2O4/SiO2 nanocomposites
T Dippong, EA Levei, O Cadar, IG Deac, M Lazar, G Borodi, I Petean
Journal of Alloys and Compounds 849, 156695, 2020
Dependence of structural, morphological and magnetic properties of manganese ferrite on Ni-Mn substitution
T Dippong, EA Levei, IG Deac, I Petean, O Cadar
International Journal of Molecular Sciences 23 (6), 3097, 2022
The impact of polyol structure on the formation of Zn0.6Co0.4Fe2O4 spinel-based pigments
T Dippong, EA Levei, F Goga, I Petean, A Avram, O Cadar
Journal of Sol-Gel Science and Technology 92, 736-744, 2019
Impact of Cu2+ substitution by Co2+ on the structural and magnetic properties of CuFe2O4 synthesized by sol-gel route
T Dippong, IG Deac, O Cadar, EA Levei, I Petean
Materials Characterization 163, 110248, 2020
Ion release from hydroxyapatite and substituted hydroxyapatites in different immersion liquids: in vitro experiments and theoretical modelling study
A Mocanu, O Cadar, PT Frangopol, I Petean, G Tomoaia, GA Paltinean, ...
Royal Society open science 8 (1), 201785, 2021
Cysteine mediated assembly of gold nanoparticles
I Petean, GH Tomoaia, O Horovitz, A Mocanu, M Tomoaia-Cotisel
J Optoelectron Adv M 10 (9), 2289-92, 2008
Synthesis and structural characterization of novel porous zinc substituted nanohydroxyapatite powders
C Garbo, M Sindilaru, A Carlea, G Tomoaia, V Almasan, I Petean, ...
Particulate Science and Technology 35 (1), 29-37, 2017
Supramolecular organization of collagen and anti-cancer drugs
G Tomoaia, M Tomoaia-Cotisel, A Mocanu, O Horovitz, LD Bobos, ...
Journal of Optoelectronics and Advanced Materials 10 (4), 961, 2008
Synthesis and thermal treatment of hydroxyapatite doped with magnesium, zinc and silicon
F Goga, E Forizs, A Avram, A Rotaru, A Lucian, I Petean, A Mocanu, ...
Rev Chim (Bucharest) 68 (6), 1193-1200, 2017
Significance of surface structure on orthopedic materials
G Tomoaia, LB Pop, I Petean, M Tomoaia-Cotisel
Mater Plast 49 (1), 48-54, 2012
Sol-Gel Synthesis, Structure, Morphology and Magnetic Properties of Ni0.6Mn0.4Fe2O4 Nanoparticles Embedded in SiO2 Matrix
T Dippong, EA Levei, IG Deac, I Petean, G Borodi, O Cadar
Nanomaterials 11 (12), 3455, 2021
Water sorption and solubility of flowable giomers
ME Rusnac, D Prodan, S Cuc, I Petean, C Prejmerean, C Gasparik, ...
Materials 14 (9), 2399, 2021
In-vitro antibacterial activity of novel nanostructured composites based on forsterite and silver nanoparticles
A Avram, M Gorea, S Rapuntean, A Mocanu, GA Paltinean, C Varhelyi Jr, ...
Rev Chim (Bucharest) 71 (1), 13-21, 2020
Low crystallinity nanohydroxyapatite prepared at room temperature
A Mocanu, R Balint, C Garbo, L Timis, I Petean, O Horovitz, ...
Stud. Univ. Babes-Bolyai Chem 62 (2), 95-103, 2017
Atmospheric induced nanoparticles due to the urban street dust
AG Paltinean, I Petean, G Arghir, DF Muntean, LD Bobos, ...
Particulate Science and Technology 34 (5), 580-585, 2016
Antimicrobial activity and the effect of green tea experimental gels on teeth surfaces
C Voina, A Delean, A Muresan, M Valeanu, A Mazilu Moldovan, ...
Coatings 10 (6), 537, 2020
Silicates fragmentation a source of atmosphere dispersed nano—particulate matter
AG Paltinean, I Petean, G Arghir, DF Muntean, M Tomoaia-Cotisel
Rev. Chim 67, 1118-1123, 2016
Novel porous forsterite ceramics biocompatibility and bioactivity evaluation
M Gorea, MA Naghiu, A Avram, I Petean, A Mocanu, M Tomoaia-Cotisel
Rev Chim 71 (2), 343-351, 2020
RD Pasca, G Tomoaia, A Mocanu, I Petean, AG Paltinean, O Soritau, ...
Studia Universitatis Babes-Bolyai, Chemia 60 (3), 2015
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