Rafael Diez
Rafael Diez
Associate Professor, Pontificia Universidad Javeriana (grid.41312.35 / ROR 03etyjw28)
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Citat de
Predictive model of a DBD lamp for power supply design and method for the automatic identification of its parameters
R Díez, JP Salanne, H Piquet, S Bhosle, G Zissis
The European Physical Journal-Applied Physics 37 (3), 307-313, 2007
Analysis and comparison of three topologies of the ladder multilevel DC/DC converter
A Lopez, R Diez, G Perilla, D Patino
IEEE Transactions on Power Electronics 27 (7), 3119-3127, 2012
Pulsed current-mode supply of dielectric barrier discharge excilamps for the control of the radiated ultraviolet power
H Piquet, S Bhosle, R Diez, MV Erofeev
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Synthesized high-frequency thyristor for dielectric barrier discharge excimer lamps
M Cousineau, R Diez, H Piquet, O Durrieu
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Square-shape current-mode supply for parametric control of the DBD excilamp power
D Florez, R Diez, H Piquet, AKH Harb
IEEE Transactions on Industrial Electronics 62 (3), 1451-1460, 2015
Current-mode power converter for radiation control in DBD excimer lamps
R Diez, H Piquet, M Cousineau, S Bhosle
IEEE Transactions on Industrial Electronics 59 (4), 1912-1919, 2012
Designing the high voltage transformer of power supplies for DBD: Windings arrangment to reduce the parasitic capacitive effects
X Bonnin, H Piquet, R Diez, D Florez
2013 15th European Conference on Power Electronics and Applications (EPE), 1-9, 2013
Parameters identification and gas behavior characterization of DBD systems
AM Lopez, H Piquet, D Patino, R Diez, X Bonnin
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Current mode converter for dielectric barrier discharge lamp
R Diez, H Piquet, S Bhosle, JM Blaquiere
2008 IEEE Power Electronics Specialists Conference, 2485-2491, 2008
Current-mode approach in power supplies for DBD excilamps: Review of 4 topologies
R Diez, H Piquet, D Florez, X Bonnin
IEEE Transactions on Plasma Science 43 (1), 452-460, 2015
Power Estimation of a Current Supplied DBD Considering the Transformer Parasitic Elements
V Rueda, A Wiesner, R Diez, H Piquet
IEEE Transactions on Industry Applications, 2019
DCM-operated series-resonant inverter for the supply of DBD excimer lamps
D Florez, R Diez, H Piquet
IEEE Transactions on Industry Applications 50 (1), 86-93, 2014
An equivalent continuous model for switched systems
A Lopez, D Patino, R Diez, G Perilla
Systems & Control Letters 62 (2), 124-131, 2013
KrCl and XeCl excilamps and LP-Hg lamp for UV and UV/H2O2 decolourization of dyes in water
A Aristizábal, G Perilla, JA Lara-Borrero, R Diez
Environmental technology 41 (2), 238-250, 2020
DBD excimer lamp power supply with fully controlled operating conditions
D Florez, R Diez, K Hay, H Piquet
2012 13th International Conference on Optimization of Electrical and …, 2012
Design of a current converter for the study of the UV emission in DBD excilamps
R Diez, H Piquet, S Bhosle, JM Blaquière, N Roux
2008 IEEE International Symposium on Industrial Electronics, 62-67, 2008
Experimental Study of a Nonthermal DBD-Driven Plasma Jet System Using Different Supply Methods
A Ivankov, T Capela, V Rueda, E Bru, H Piquet, D Schitz, D Florez, R Diez
Plasma 5 (1), 75-97, 2022
Efficiency of an Exciplex DBD Lamp Excited Under Different Methods
D Florez, D Schitz, H Piquet, R Diez
IEEE Transactions on Plasma Science 46 (1), 140-147, 2018
Daily irradiance test signal for photovoltaic systems by selection from long-term data
A Avila, PR Vizcaya, R Diez
Renewable Energy 131, 755-762, 2019
Optimizing the Operation of DBD Excilamps
D Florez, R Diez, H Piquet
IEEE Transactions on Plasma Science 44 (7), 1160-1168, 2016
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