Dorian Nedelcu
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Proiectare și simulare numerică cu SOLIDWORKS
D Nedelcu
Eurostampa, 2011
Analiză structurală prin metoda elementului finit
TȘ Mănescu, D Nedelcu
Orizonturi Universitare, 2005
Failure analysis of a Kaplan turbine runner blade by metallographic and numerical methods
D Frunzaverde, V Campian, D Nedelcu, GR Gillich, G Marginean
Proceedings of the 7th WSEAS International Conference on FLUID MECHANICS …, 2010
Cavitation erosion research on the X3CrNi13-4 stainless steel
D Nedelcu, MD Nedeloni, CI Lupinca
Materials Science Forum 782, 263-268, 2014
Cavitation erosion tests performed by indirect vibratory method on stainless steel welded samples with hardened surface
MD Nedeloni, V Cojocaru, R Ciubotariu, D Nedelcu
Annals of „Eftimie Murgu” University 19 (1), 217-228, 2012
Gray cast iron behavior in cavitation erosion
CI Lupinca, MD Nedeloni, D Nedelcu
Materials Science Forum 782, 269-274, 2014
Digital prototyping and numerical simulation with SolidWorks
D Nedelcu
Temičvar, Erudita Eurostampa, 2011
Investigation of machining parameters on corner accuracies for slant type taper triangle shaped profiles using WEDM on Hastelloy X
IV Manoj, R Joy, S Narendranath, D Nedelcu
IOP Conference Series: Materials Science and Engineering 591 (1), 012022, 2019
The kinematic and dynamic analysis of the crank mechanism with solidworks motion
D Nedelcu, MD Nedeloni, D Daia
Proceedings of the 11th WSEAS International Conference on Signal Processing …, 2011
Dynamic Analysis of the Double Harmonic Transmission (DHT)
D Ianici, D Nedelcu, S Ianici, L Coman
6th International Symposium about Forming and Design in Mechanical …, 2010
A structural health monitoring Python code to detect small changes in frequencies
D Nedelcu, GR Gillich
Mechanical Systems and Signal Processing 147, 107087, 2021
Failure analysis of a Ti-6Al-4V ultrasonic horn used in cavitation erosion tests
D Nedelcu, V Cojocaru, MD Nedeloni, F Peris-Bendu, A Ghican
Mechanics 21 (4), 272–276-272–276, 2015
The aerodynamic force calculus for a plate immersed in a uniform air stream using solidworks flow simulation module
D Nedelcu, D Ianici, MD Nedeloni, D Daia, FM Pop, RC Avasiloaie
Proceedings of the 4th WSEAS International Conference on Finite Differences …, 2011
Some trends and proposals for the inclusion of sustainability in the design of manufacturing process
J Fradinho, D Nedelcu, A Gabriel-Santos, A Gonçalves-Coelho, A Mourão
IOP conference series: Materials science and engineering 95 (1), 012142, 2015
Variants of sonotrode for a vibratory apparatus for test cavitation erosion by the indirect method
N Marian-Dumitru, N Dorian
Universitatii Maritime Constanta. Analele 13 (17), 131, 2012
Stress concentration factors for pin lever of runner blade mechanism from Kaplan turbines
AM Pittner, CV Campian, D Nedelcu, D Frunzaverde, V Cojocaru
3rd International Conference on Engineering Mechanics, Corfu, Greece, 181-185, 2010
Failure analysis of a kaplan turbine runner blade
VC Câmpian, D Frunzaverde, D Nedelcu, G Marginean
Proceedings of 24th IAHR Symposium on Hydraulic Machinery and Systems, 1-10, 2008
Research regarding the cavitation erosion resistance of the stainless steel with the 13% Cr and 4% Ni used to manufacture the components of Kaplan, Francis and Pelton hydraulic …
MD Nedeloni, D Nedelcu, VC Campian, D Chirus, RC Avasiloaie, F Danut
Constanta Maritime University Annals 19, 2013
Calibration of a sonotrode from a stand component for test cavitation erosion through direct method
N Marian-Dumitru, N Dorian, I Ioan, C Relu
Universitatii Maritime Constanta. Analele 13 (17), 125, 2012
Comparison of the performance of friction pendulums with uniform and variable radii
CT Malin, D Nedelcu, GR Gillich, A Petrica, I Padurean
Vibroengineering Procedia 23, 81-86, 2019
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