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Cognitive radio systems
W Wang
BoD–Books on Demand, 2009
Energy-Efficient Resource Allocation in NOMA Heterogeneous Networks
H Zhang, F Fang, J Cheng, K Long, W Wang, VCM Leung
IEEE Wireless Communications 25 (2), 48-53, 2018
Delay-Constrained Hybrid Computation Offloading With Cloud and Fog Computing
X Meng, W Wang, Z Zhang
IEEE Access 5, 21355-21367, 2017
Optimal power control under interference temperature constraints in cognitive radio network
W Wang, T Peng, W Wang
2007 IEEE Wireless Communications and Networking Conference, 116-120, 2007
Edge Caching at Base Stations With Device-to-Device Offloading
W Wang, R Lan, J Gu, A Huang, H Shan, Z Zhang
IEEE Access 5, 6399-6410, 2017
Cognitive radio enhanced interference coordination for femtocell networks
W Wang, G Yu, A Huang
IEEE Communications Magazine 51 (6), 37-43, 2013
Noncooperative power control game with exponential pricing for cognitive radio network
W Wang, Y Cui, T Peng, W Wang
2007 IEEE 65th Vehicular Technology Conference-VTC2007-Spring, 3125-3129, 2007
Joint beamforming and jamming optimization for secure transmission in MISO-NOMA networks
N Zhao, W Wang, J Wang, Y Chen, Y Lin, Z Ding, NC Beaulieu
IEEE Transactions on Communications 67 (3), 2294-2305, 2018
Distributed cache replacement for caching-enable base stations in cellular networks
J Gu, W Wang, A Huang, H Shan, Z Zhang
2014 IEEE International Conference on Communications (ICC), 2648-2653, 2014
Socially enabled wireless networks: resource allocation via bipartite graph matching
L Wang, H Wu, W Wang, KC Chen
IEEE Communications Magazine 53 (10), 128-135, 2015
Ergodic Achievable Secrecy Rate of Multiple-Antenna Relay Systems With Cooperative Jamming
R Zhao, Y Huang, W Wang, VKN Lau
IEEE Transactions on Wireless Communications 15 (4), 2537-2551, 2016
Asynchronous federated learning over wireless communication networks
Z Wang, Z Zhang, Y Tian, Q Yang, H Shan, W Wang, TQS Quek
IEEE Transactions on Wireless Communications, 2022
Dynamic power control for delay-aware device-to-device communications
W Wang, F Zhang, VKN Lau
IEEE Journal on Selected Areas in Communications 33 (1), 14-27, 2015
Thwarting intelligent malicious behaviors in cooperative spectrum sensing
W Wang, L Chen, KG Shin, L Duan
IEEE Transactions on Mobile Computing 14 (11), 2392-2405, 2015
Prediction-based spectrum aggregation with hardware limitation in cognitive radio networks
F Huang, W Wang, H Luo, G Yu, Z Zhang
2010 IEEE 71st Vehicular Technology Conference, 1-5, 2010
On the queue dynamics of multiuser multichannel cognitive radio networks
J Wang, A Huang, L Cai, W Wang
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Closed-form delay-optimal computation offloading in mobile edge computing systems
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Joint spectrum allocation and power control for multihop cognitive radio networks
W Wang, KG Shin, W Wang
IEEE Transactions on Mobile Computing 10 (7), 1042-1055, 2011
Spectrum aggregation: Overview and challenges.
W Wang, Z Zhang, A Huang
Network Protocols & Algorithms 2 (1), 184-196, 2010
An uplink resource allocation scheme for OFDMA‐based cognitive radio networks
W Wang, W Wang, Q Lu, T Peng
International Journal of Communication Systems 22 (5), 603-623, 2009
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