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Skye Wills
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Machine learning for predicting soil classes in three semi-arid landscapes
CW Brungard, JL Boettinger, MC Duniway, SA Wills, TC Edwards Jr
Geoderma 239, 68-83, 2015
Soil property and class maps of the conterminous United States at 100‐meter spatial resolution
A Ramcharan, T Hengl, T Nauman, C Brungard, S Waltman, S Wills, ...
Soil Science Society of America Journal 82 (1), 186-201, 2018
Reevaluating the effects of soil organic matter and other properties on available water-holding capacity using the National Cooperative Soil Survey Characterization Database
Z Libohova, C Seybold, D Wysocki, S Wills, P Schoeneberger, C Williams, ...
Journal of Soil and Water Conservation 73 (4), 411-421, 2018
Assessing soil organic carbon stock of Wisconsin, USA and its fate under future land use and climate change
K Adhikari, PR Owens, Z Libohova, DM Miller, SA Wills, J Nemecek
Science of the Total Environment 667, 833-845, 2019
Predicting soil bulk density for incomplete databases
CH Sequeira, SA Wills, CA Seybold, LT West
Geoderma 213, 64-73, 2014
Prediction of soil organic carbon content using field and laboratory measurements of soil color
SA Wills, CL Burras, JA Sandor
Soil Science Society of America Journal 71 (2), 380-388, 2007
Accurate and precise prediction of soil properties from a large mid-infrared spectral library
SRS Dangal, J Sanderman, S Wills, L Ramirez-Lopez
Soil Systems 3 (1), 11, 2019
Predicting physical and chemical properties of US soils with a mid‐infrared reflectance spectral library
NK Wijewardane, Y Ge, S Wills, Z Libohova
Soil Science Society of America Journal 82 (3), 722-731, 2018
Prediction of soil carbon in the conterminous United States: visible and near infrared reflectance spectroscopy analysis of the rapid carbon assessment project
NK Wijewardane, Y Ge, S Wills, T Loecke
Soil Science Society of America Journal 80 (4), 973-982, 2016
The soil health assessment protocol and evaluation applied to soil organic carbon
MR Nunes, KS Veum, PA Parker, SH Holan, DL Karlen, JP Amsili, ...
Soil Science Society of America Journal 85 (4), 1196-1213, 2021
Application of mid‐infrared spectroscopy in soil survey
CA Seybold, R Ferguson, D Wysocki, S Bailey, J Anderson, B Nester, ...
Soil Science Society of America Journal 83 (6), 1746-1759, 2019
Human–soil relations are changing rapidly: Proposals from SSSA's cross‐divisional soil change working group
DB Richter, AR Bacon, ML Mobley, CJ Richardson, SS Andrews, L West, ...
Soil Science Society of America Journal 75 (6), 2079-2084, 2011
Importance and strength of environmental controllers of soil organic carbon changes with scale
K Adhikari, U Mishra, PR Owens, Z Libohova, SA Wills, WJ Riley, ...
Geoderma 375, 114472, 2020
Overview of the US rapid carbon assessment project: sampling design, initial summary and uncertainty estimates
S Wills, T Loecke, C Sequeira, G Teachman, S Grunwald, LT West
Soil carbon, 95-104, 2014
Converting pH 1: 1 H2O and 1: 2CaCl2 to 1: 5 H2O to contribute to a harmonized global soil database
Z Libohova, S Wills, NP Odgers, R Ferguson, R Nesser, JA Thompson, ...
Geoderma 213, 544-550, 2014
Soil organic carbon across Mexico and the conterminous United States (1991–2010)
M Guevara, C Arroyo, N Brunsell, CO Cruz, G Domke, J Equihua, ...
Global Biogeochemical Cycles 34 (3), no-no, 2020
A soil bulk density pedotransfer function based on machine learning: A case study with the NCSS soil characterization database
A Ramcharan, T Hengl, D Beaudette, S Wills
Soil Science Society of America Journal 81 (6), 1279-1287, 2017
A holistic strategy for adaptive land management
JE Herrick, MC Duniway, DA Pyke, BT Bestelmeyer, SA Wills, JR Brown, ...
Journal of Soil and Water Conservation 67 (4), 105A-113A, 2012
Understanding saturated hydraulic conductivity under seasonal changes in climate and land use
M Elhakeem, ANT Papanicolaou, CG Wilson, YJ Chang, L Burras, ...
Geoderma 315, 75-87, 2018
Soil mass and grind size used for sample homogenization strongly affect permanganate-oxidizable carbon (POXC) values, with implications for its use as a national soil health …
M Pulleman, S Wills, R Creamer, R Dick, R Ferguson, D Hooper, ...
Geoderma 383, 114742, 2021
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