Adelina Staicu
Adelina Staicu
1st Obstetrics and Gynecology Department, Iuliu Hatieganu University of Medicine and Pharmacy Cluj
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The decrease of some serum free amino acids can predict breast cancer diagnosis and progression
DT Eniu, F Romanciuc, C Moraru, I Goidescu, D Eniu, A Staicu, ...
Scandinavian journal of clinical and laboratory investigation 79 (1-2), 17-24, 2019
Potential clinical benefits and limitations of fetal virtopsy using high‐field MRI at 7 Tesla versus stereomicroscopic autopsy to assess first trimester fetuses
A Staicu, C Albu, R Popa‐Stanila, L Chiriac, D Boitor‐Borza, C Bondor, ...
Prenatal Diagnosis 39 (7), 505-518, 2019
SERS liquid biopsy in breast cancer. What can we learn from SERS on serum and urine?
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Spectrochimica Acta Part A: Molecular and Biomolecular Spectroscopy 273, 120992, 2022
The influence of seasonality and weather changes on premature birth incidence
D Muresan, A Staicu, G Zaharie, C Marginean, IC Rotar
Clujul Medical 90 (3), 273, 2017
Predictive role of altered leptin, adiponectin and 3‑carboxy‑4‑methyl‑5‑propyl‑2‑furanpropanoic acid secretion in gestational diabetes mellitus
AR Florian, G Cruciat, RM Pop, A Staicu, M Daniel, S Florin
Experimental and Therapeutic Medicine 21 (5), 1-7, 2021
Fetal cardiovascular alterations in twin-to-twin transfusion syndrome
IC Rotar, G Zaharie, A Staicu, A Preda, D Mureșan
Medicine and Pharmacy Reports 93 (1), 5, 2020
Fetal Ovarian Cysts: Prenatal Diagnosis Using Ultrasound and MRI, Management and Postnatal Outcome—Our Centers Experience
IC Rotar, S Tudorache, A Staicu, R Popa-Stanila, R Constantin, M Surcel, ...
Diagnostics 12 (1), 89, 2021
The evaluation of the four-chamber cardiac dissection method of the fetal heart as an alternative to conventional inflow–outflow dissection in small gestational-age fetuses
C Albu, A Staicu, R Popa-Stanilă, C Bondor, B Pop, L Chiriac, D Gheban, ...
Diagnostics 12 (1), 223, 2022
Blue nevus-like melanoma of the uterine cervix. Case report and review of the literature
DT Eniu, A Staicu, O Somcutian, R Buiga, C Albu, IG Goidescu, ...
Rom J Morphol Embryol 60 (4), 1317-21, 2019
Impact of Follicle Stimulating Hormone Receptor (FSHR) Polymorphism on the Efficiency of Co-Treatment with Growth Hormone in a Group of Infertile Women from Romania
M Surcel, B Doroftei, IA Neamtiu, D Muresan, G Caracostea, I Goidescu, ...
Diagnostics 12 (10), 2371, 2022
Umbilical Cord Biometry and Fetal Abdominal Skinfold Assessment as Potential Biomarkers for Fetal Macrosomia in a Gestational Diabetes Romanian Cohort
AR Florian, G Cruciat, G Nemeti, A Staicu, C Suciu, MC Sulaiman, ...
Medicina 58 (9), 1162, 2022
Diagnostic value of virtual autopsy using pm-MRI at 3T on malformed second trimester fetuses vs classic autopsy
A Staicu, C Albu, R Popa-Stanila, CI Bondor, IC Rotar, F Stamatian, ...
Plos one 16 (11), e0260357, 2021
Multidisciplinary approach of assessing malformed fetuses exemplified in a rare case of pentalogy of Cantrell associated with craniorachischisis, pulmonary extrophy and right …
C Albu, A Staicu, RT Popa-Stănilă, AC Milaș, LB Chiriac, TE Kovács, ...
Rom J Morphol Embryol 59 (3), 911-5, 2018
Blood serum lipidomic signature of invasive ductal carcinoma and its dependence on the breast cancer evolution: a pilot study
C Socaciu, C Moraru, D Eniu, A Staicu, C Rachieru, R Buiga, AI Socaciu
Biomedical Journal 2, 7, 2018
First trimester sonographic diagnosis of limb-body wall defect associating both cephalic and thoraco-abdominal defects–a case report and literature update
D Boitor-Borza, A Staicu, R Constantin, D Muresan
Medical Ultrasonography 24 (2), 245-247, 2022
Blood and urine biomarkers in invasive ductal breast cancer: Mass spectrometry applied to identify metabolic alterations
DT Eniu, AR Chiorean, AI Socaciu, A Staicu, C Rachieriu, I Goidescu, ...
Journal of Molecular Structure 1247, 131369, 2022
Placental involvement in abnormal neonatal outcome
T Irimescu, R Sevan-Libotean, A Staicu, C Albu, AC Oancea, IG Goidescu, ...
Obstetrica și Ginecologia 66 (2), 67-74, 2018
Contribution of post-mortem MRI to the evaluation of subtle renal anomalies in a first trimester foetus with Down syndrome
A Staicu, AS Farcasanu, G Caracostea, RVF Turcu, S Simon, F Stamatian
Journal of Obstetrics and Gynaecology 36 (3), 359-360, 2016
HPLC/MS-based metabolic profiling and quantification of urine free amino acids as potential biomarkers for breast cancer diagnosis and progression.
F Romanciuc, D Eniu, A Staicu, C Rachieru, R Buiga, C Socaciu
Neonatal Hemochromatosis: Systematic Review of Prenatal Ultrasound Findings—Is There a Place for MRI in the Diagnostic Process?
A Staicu, R Popa-Stanila, C Albu, A Chira, R Constantin, D Boitor-Borza, ...
Journal of Clinical Medicine 12 (7), 2679, 2023
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