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Michele Santangelo
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Landslide inventory maps: New tools for an old problem
F Guzzetti, AC Mondini, M Cardinali, F Fiorucci, M Santangelo, KT Chang
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AC Mondini, M Santangelo, M Rocchetti, E Rossetto, A Manconi, ...
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A method for the assessment of the influence of bedding on landslide abundance and types
M Santangelo, I Marchesini, M Cardinali, F Fiorucci, M Rossi, F Bucci, ...
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Archaeological evidence for Holocene landslide activity in the Eastern Carpathian lowland
M Niculiță, MC Mărgărint, M Santangelo
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Interplay between mass movement and fluvial network organization: An example from southern Apennines, Italy
M Santangelo, D Gioia, M Cardinali, F Guzzetti, M Schiattarella
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Landslide inventory map of the upper Sinni River valley, Southern Italy
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Photo-geology of the Montefalco Quaternary Basin, Umbria, Central Italy
F Bucci, F Mirabella, M Santangelo, M Cardinali, F Guzzetti
Journal of maps, 2016
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